CDs & DVDs

Tarot-related instructional videos, audio tapes, documentaries and music on CD or DVD.

Integral Tarot CD Treasure Chest  Open in New Window

The Integral Tarot CD Treasure Chest is a set of seven CDs that act as a companion to Suzanne Wagner's book Integral Tarot. Designed as a tool of self-empowerment through tarot.

Integral Tarot Meditation CD Set  Open in New Window

The Integral Tarot Meditation:Guided Meditations for Understanding Each of the Cards and Flow of the Tarot CD Set helps the reader to integrate the tarot archetypes through meditation. A companion to the Integral Tarot book by the same author.

Pain-Free Qabalah for Tarot Readers  Open in New Window

A series of audio tapes with an interactive course introducing Qabalah as it relates to Tarot.

Taroist  Open in New Window

An audio CD of basic explanations of the seventy eight tarot cards set to music. The 'book' is divided into five stories: Fire, Water, Ar, Earth and Tree of Life.

Tarology  Open in New Window

Tarology is a documentary DVD presenting an oral history of present day Tarot, and explores tarot through the eyes of New York based Tarotist, Enrique Enriquez. It also includes interviews with many tarot luminaries.

Tarot 1-2-3  Open in New Window

Get started with tarot by watching this 45 minute instructional video. Become familiar with the Tarot, and how to use it as a tool for 'inner transformation and divination'.

Tarot CD  Open in New Window

The Tarot CD is a musical roller-coaster ride through the major arcana from Canadian composer, Réjean Paquin. The music covers a range of styles over its 22 tracks.

Tarot Stripped Bare  Open in New Window

Tarot Stripped Bare is a very basic and encouraging guide on DVD for learning to read tarot cards. It uses live interviews and readings with PowerPoint style instruction, and emphasises a practical method of reading without memorising dozens of meanings.