Tarot Lover's Calendar 2007

The attractive Tarot Lover's Calendar for 2007 showcases 12 unpublished and self-published Tarot decks and 13 original Tarot spreads on its pages. Now in the fifth year of the calendar's printing.

By Thomas Schick

Calendar - Self Published

Review by Kate Hill

For five years now, the Tarot Lover’s Calendar created by Major Tom Schick has showcased original and often unpublished Tarot cards from artists all around the world. The 2007 Calendar features twelve more unpublished or self-published decks, thirteen new spreads, and a new look front cover.

The cover of the calendar was decided for 2007 through a competition held on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. The winner was Chris Butler, creator of the Butler Tarot and the Quantum Tarot, which deck is also featured in June. The cover image is a wonderful, ethereal image printed in black and white, with VI in Roman numerals (the number of the Lovers card) in the centre.

Inside the calendar, the top half has full-colour illustrations of two to four cards from each deck, along with a short blurb about the deck by the author or organiser. This year, the decks in the calendar are (in order from January to December):

Kingdom Highway Tarot by John D. Williams
Seneris Tarot by Joyce Scheeren
The de Glen Tarot by Holly S. Glenn
Third Aeclectic Community Tarot by Aeclectic Tarot Forum members
Windrow Tarot by Rosanne Oakley-Browne
Quantum Tarot by Chris Butler and Kay Stopforth
Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding
Cauldron of the Kitchen Witch Tarot by Ericka Ivanovitch
Fourth Aeclectic Community Tarot by Aeclectic Tarot Forum members
Temperlyne Tarot by Potnia Theron
Son Tarot by Chris Butler
Mythos Tarot by Shirley Jackson

Of the decks, the Kingdom Highway Tarot and Tarot of the Sidhe have been self-published or published in small limited-edition runs; the two Aeclectic decks are community projects not designed for publication; and the rest of the decks are unpublished or in-progress. The colourful image of the Hindu goddess Durga on the Strength card from the Mythos Tarot is my favourite - I hope to see more cards from this deck in future.

The bottom half of the calendar has the day grid for the month, printed with moon phases and religious holidays for about a dozen different faiths – Bahai, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Pagan festivals (northern and southern hemisphere). At the base of the page, there’s an original Tarot spread for each month with an illustration of the card layout and an explanation of the card positions. The spreads are:

How to Make Progress by Rebecca Brandish
Yes/No by Matt Wright
Argument Spread by Arwen Nightstar
Easter Egg Spread by le fey
Where Do They Fit In? Spread by earthmama
Rainbow of Prosperity Spread by Tiffanie Brinkhaus
Healing Cobra Spread by Anna Kleiner
Avoidance Spread by Pamela Atkins
Your Family Spread by mahimaisme
Sentence Spread by Lisa Krough
Career Spread by Richard Ives
Spiritual Quest Spread by Janet Corston

The back of the calendar also has (along with the credits) a special thirteen card spread by Laura Whitaker, called The Quest Myth: A Hero’s Journey Spread, based on ‘Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell.

This is the fifth year for the Tarot Lover’s Calendar, and it continues to improve with new art, new spreads, and attractive front cover. At the time of writing, there are only a few left of the 130 calendars printed in this limited edition, so get in fast and hang some original Tarot art on your wall in 2007.

* The recommended retail price of the calendar is £13.30 (approx. US$25). A percentage of profits goes directly to support Aeclectic Tarot.

Kate Hill is the owner, founder and editor of Aeclectic Tarot, and has reviewed more than 200 decks over the years.

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