Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2009

The Tarot Lovers' Calendar for 2009 features thirteen original spreads, twelve full-colour independent decks, and this year has a gorgeous cover from Tarot artist Kris Waldherr.

By Thomas Schick

Calendar - Self Published

Review by Solandia

The Tarot Loversí Calendar 2009 is the seventh consecutive tarot calendar put together by Major Tom Schick. Itís filled with colourful cards from independent Tarot decks and an original Tarot spread for each month, alongside a useful calendar of lunar phases and religious festivals for the twelve months of the year.

For each month, two cards from each deck are printed in large size - and full, lush colour - with an explanation from the creator. This year, the twelve original, unpublished or independently published decks run the gamut from minimalist to Marseilles-inspired and anime to amusing. They are:

Lillieís Frog Tarot by Lillie
The Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black
The Bifrost Tarot by Jeremy Lampkin
The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding
Tarot Guerreros de la Luz by Black Winged Angel
Restoration of the Tarot of Marseilles of Jean Payen by Scott Marchus
The Gay Contemporary Tarot by Thomas Santomartino
The Wannabe Tarot by Gail Kettleson
The Pizazz Tarot by Amanda Heard
Le Millenaire Tarot de Marseilles by Chris Butler
Tarot Bella by Helen Howell
The Celestial Stick People Tarot by Brian Crick

In recent years the calendar image has been chosen from submissions in a cover competition on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. This year, the winner was the divine image from artist Kris Waldherr, well-known tarot and illustrative artist, and creator of the Goddess Tarot and the Loverís Path Tarot. The standard of artwork in the competition was this year very high - Krisís art was a narrow winner over a vibrant and colourful entry from Elnor.

The 13 spreads (one for each month and one on the back of the calendar) are all original. Each is printed at the base of the month grid, and printed with a visual of the numbered card positions, text explanations for each position, and optionally a note or two by the spread author.

The full list of spreads in this edition is: The Masterpiece Spread by sweet_intiution
Witches Wheel Spread by tabi
St. Patrickís Day Spread by Rhiannon aka Lisa Krough
Eyes Ears and Mouths Spread by shotthebreeze
Past Life Triangle by Dr Jennifer Clay aka Satine
Weekly Energy Spread by Gazel
Upwards Rainbow for Overcoming Bad Habits by Ocean Bliss
The Way of the Warrior by Wolfy James
A Walk in the Woods by Azarial
Vampire Cross Spread by Judy Zajec
The Facing Problems Spread by Rhiannon aka Lisa Krough
Naughty or Nice? (The Santaís Stocking Spread) by Kikki aka pippi
Card General Spread by Aranarose

The Tarot Loversí Calendar continues to refine its format each year, and this year looks professional and beautiful with Kris Waldherrís distinctive artistic style gracing the cover. Created by the tarot community and for the tarot community, itís the ideal purchase (or gift) for the tarot lover to admire on their wall throughout 2009.

The Tarot Loversí Calendar 2009 calendar retails for US$25.00, AUD$25.65, GBP12.50 or 15.80 euro. A percentage of the proceeds go to Aeclectic Tarot.

Kate Hill is the owner, founder and editor of Aeclectic Tarot, and has reviewed more than 200 decks over the years.

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