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Tarot Boxes

For those really special tarot decks, a box can give them better protection than a tarot bag. Tarotopia sell a range of tarot boxes in wood, marble, and even silver. Below are three of my favourites.

Antique Silver Pentacle Treasure Box
Hand-hammered silver-plated wiccan pentacle box with 5 pentacle designs.

Black Crescent Moon & Pentacle Box
Black Wood Box with Antique Silver Crescent Moon & Pentacle Inlay. Will hold cards 125x77mm in size.

Wiccan Pentacle Tarot Box
This handmade wooden tarot box features a metal pentacle embedded into the lid. It's one of our favourites! You'll be able to put a deck up to 130x77mm in size into this box.

There is also a wide range of tarot boxes on eBay, carved in wood or soapstone or made to match a particular tarot deck.

Prefer something more portable for your tarot deck? There are also tarot bags.

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