Ananda Tarot

The Ananda Tarot is a stunning 78 card deck of beautifully coloured, dreamlike computer-generated art. Titles on these cards are in German but an English edition is available.

Created by Ananda Kurt Pilz
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Urania
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Ananda Tarot review by Cerulean

"The world of imagery directly reaches the world of our soul and makes possible a natural access to knowledge buried within ourselves." - Ananda Kurt Pilz

The author and artist of this deck also has made an I-Ching deck for the original publisher, Urania Verlag. Urania Verlag seems to be a sister subsidiary of AG Mueller, which recently published an English language version of the Ananda Tarot in 2004.

I had seen a beautiful review of the German language version and actually traded for this title. This was a pretty collage deck that I soon also traded away, as the book in German was not useful to me and the art was simply appealing without too much relevance to me.

After a while, I read fan chat about the English version and went on-line to search for more images.... read more reviews.

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Name: Ananda Tarot
Creators: Ananda Kurt Pilz
Publisher: Urania
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
The Fool is 0

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