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The Angel Dreams Oracle is a 55-card deck for dream interpretation and understanding from Doreen Virtue. The cards depict a wide range of real and fantasy themes (rather than just angels) and give concrete, positive advice.

Created by Melissa Virtue, Doreen Virtue
Oracle Deck - 55 Cards - Hay House 2013
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Review by medusawink

Dreams are the mysterious worlds we inhabit during our sleeping hours. Throughout history and across virtually all cultures people have sought to unlock the secrets of dreams. While some see them as having a psychological purpose, others see them as symbolic, yet others interpret them as messages from the divine, from the deceased, or of having occult origins and purposes. Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue see dreams as co-creations of angels, the unconscious mind, and the universe - providing guidance and answers, as well as cautions and warnings. The Angels Dreams Oracle Cards have been created to assist the Seeker to interpret their dreams, and thusly identify patterns of negativity, and self sabotage, as well as underlying causes of situations one may wish to change, eliminate, or repair.

The Angel Dreams Oracle Cards is a 55 card deck. It has no Major or Minor Arcana, nor is there any set order to the cards. There are some themes running through the deck colours, elements, crystals and gemstones, seasons, herbs and plants, mythical animals, mystical beings and experiences; as well as people and places.

The cards measure 127 x 88 mm, making this deck broader than many standard tarot decks, and a little smaller than many oracle decks. The card stock, as with all Doreen Virtue decks, is excellent quite thin with out being flimsy, flexible, and finished with a smooth, polished sheen. The cards fit nicely into the hands, and are easy to shuffle. The edges of the cards are gilt with gleaming gold, which is of exceptionally high quality it does not tarnish, nor does it rub off on the hands when the deck is used. However, as with all gilt-edged decks the cards may arrive at stuck together and need to be separated. This can be done easily, by flexing the deck end to end and side to side.

The artist Melissa Gay has illustrated this deck using acrylic paint. Her palette is bright and cheery without being lurid or trashy. Some of her images are far better than others, but overall the quality of her artwork is good, and the vibe pleasant.

Each image has a narrow yellow frame and a broader border of deep blue starry skies. The card's title is given above the illustration, and several key descriptors are given below it. The image on the back of the cards is the same as the cover of the box, and guidebook a winged angel seated among clouds, with a background of starry skies. It is not reversible

The cards and guidebook come packaged in a solid cardboard box, with a lift-off lid. The box is printed with an image from the deck, as well as a small summary of the purpose of this Oracle. This is a compact set that can easily be slipped into a handbag or backpack, and it is sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of travel without damage.

The guidebook is 137 pages in length. It has a short introduction, followed by information regarding preparing, caring for, and reading the cards. Five layouts are included from a simple 1-card draw through progressively larger readings, including a 9-card "Dream Spiral". The divinatory interpretations are quite substantial, and additional meanings are also given. The advice is positive, supportive, and helpful.

This deck can be used on its own, or in concert with other Doreen Virtue decks to add new depth and dimension to a reading.

If you are fascinated by dreams and dream interpretation and are looking for a method for understanding your own, then this deck could be very helpful. If you have other Doreen Virtue decks and would like to expand your readings with a dream component then you will want to collect this deck. If you are looking for an Oracle deck that gives concrete and positive advice then this is a great place to start.

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