Animal Wise Tarot

There is not a human image in the Animal Wise Tarot. Each card has a centred photograph of an individual animal in a natural setting. The border is wide, pink and decorative and contains a phrase conveying the meaning of the card. The suits have been renamed to Ancients, Winged Ones, Four-Leggeds and Shapeshifters.

Created by Ted Andrews
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Dragonhawk
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Card Images from the Animal Wise Tarot

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Animal Wise Tarot review by Noelle

I have been reading tarot informally for about 13 years and went professional 3 years ago. I use several decks, depending on the situation, but often pick up Ted Andrews ANIMAL WISE TAROT, especially with newcomers who are looking for a positive message. I had begun reading intuitively before I studied the tarot so when I first acquired the deck, I could not use it because I did not understand the Tarot. Neither could I memorize what all the animals meant so I put the deck away. That was before I trusted the intuitive reading I did. After having studied the tarot (and continuing to study it) and having passed a certification test, I took out the deck again. Perhaps it was the knowledge of tarot or the trusting of my intuitive self, but suddenly the deck made sense to me.

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Theme: Animal
Creator: Nature-Speak Oracle by Ted Andrews

More About These Cards

Name: Animal Wise Tarot
Creators: Ted Andrews
Publisher: Dragonhawk
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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