Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot

The Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot is a faithful reproduction of an original Italian fifteenth century tarot deck. The deck has the 67 cards that are still in existence in Yale University's Cary Collection of Playing Cards, plus recreations for 19 missing cards. This Visconti deck is also unusual because it has male and female Knights and Pages in the court cards.

Tarot Deck - 86 Cards - US Games
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Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot review by James Mathis

When I first acquired this deck I was so impressed by its art. The cards are rich with gold. The pictures have a distinct fabric texture. The deck consists of 86 cards. There the 22 majors and 64 minors. The additional cards come from male and female knights and pages. The Popess (Priestess) is replaced by Charity; the Pope (Hierophant) is replaced by Faith; and the Star is Hope. Thus the three virtues are present for the readings. The suits are swords, staves (wands), cups, and coins (pentacles).

The LWB provides a history and keys to both upright and reversed positions. The author, Stuart R. Kaplan, demonstrates his understanding of the history and uses of this deck. He also states that there is no direct evidence that the deck was used for divination. He further asserts that t... read more reviews.

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Theme: Historical Reproduction, Visconti

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Name: Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot
Publisher: US Games
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 86

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