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The Dark Tantra Tarot is a radical adults-only deck, a synthesis of sex, violence, and spiritual exploration. The suits are Rods, Rumps, Yonis and Linghams, and court cards are Mistress, Master, Slave and Sub. The deck is for divination, meditation or stepping into "a new world of infinitely variable sexual options". Now unfortunately sold out.

Created by Ruth Ramsden, Mark Ramsden
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Self Published
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Review by La Belle Dame Sans Merci

The Oswald Wirth Tarot also only has 22 trumps and there are some readers who only use the major sequence. Even though I personally prefer the whole deck, the Dark Tantra Tarot won me over. The artwork by Ruth Ramsden is excellent. This fine monochrome deck is printed on good quality card stock, with a nice matt finish on the illustrated side, and deep black glossy backs like an obsidian scrying mirror or patent black leather boots. or stilettos. An elegant black velveteen pouch is included to carry the cards, and a concise instructions sheet. As you might expect, the theme of this deck is Fetish, and thus would suit the seeker of the unusual. It's also full of good looking people.

The first card (The Fool) is renamed The Seeker, he is an ithyphallic, masked fool breaking his shackles. Next, the Dark Magus, shows a Crowleyesque hermaphrodite magician. Sorceress replaces the High Priestess. The Mother replaces the Empress; she is shown squeezing voluminous breasts. Ba'al replaces the Emperor. No V is The Teacher and replaces the Hierophant and shows someone getting spanked. Pet Mistress replaces the Chariot, horse replaced by "subs" complete with feather up their bum. Self Love replaces The Hermit. Discipline shows a Dominatrix with whip and kinky boots replaces Justice. Suspended in black rubber suit and gas mask replaces Hanged Man. Divine Androgyne replaces Death. Serenity replaces Temperance. A Baphomet-like "Bitch Rascal" replaces The Devil. Chaos replaces the Tower. Sacred Blood (Menstruation) replaces the Star. Majesty replaces the Sun. Eternal Goddess replaces Judgement. There are four court cards, all Mistresses, of Yoni, Lingams, Rumps and Wands (as in whips).

Traditionally magicians carried the pack with them to communicate across the language barrier. So to explore your inner and outer boundaries this would be a good one to have about you for self-exploration and also to speak to the deeper side of those you meet. To throw off the shackles imposed upon you by a restricted upbringing or for deep work on your self. The Dark Tantra Tarot fits snuggly in its sleek sheath, and you can proudly take it along with you and slip it in your tights high black leather boots, your handbag, your black leather jacket, or the back pocket of your black leather pants, and give some readings at these connoisseurs of the unusual gatherings, such as, the Planet Sex Ball, Torture Garden, or Erotica.

A reading with the Dark Tantra Tarot, drew the Seeker & The Moon, Majesty, Eternal Goddess & Multiverse. This deck is a tool for exploring and unblocking the repressive dross accumulated in those hidden, unchartered territories of the subconscious, as attemped by methods such as Freudian psychoanalysis. It will give you a feeling of confidence and understanding, the rewards, goodness and joy of the universe. Be the master of your own beat, danse to your own tune. Catharsis, donít be repressed or miserable but explore your sexuality as an intelligent and intellectual enquiry leading to liberation.

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