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The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle is a 39-card deck in the Lenormand tradition (there are three extra cards: two alternative 'Man' and 'Woman' cards to allow for same-sex relationships, and a 'Diviner' card). The small-size cards have relatively simple hand-painted Lenormand symbols, and give the feel of peering through an enchanted forest. The 160-page companion book is also a useful introduction to reading Lenormand cards.

Created by Virginia Lee, Caitlin Matthews
Oracle Deck - 39 Cards - Watkins 2013
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Review by Barbora Waterhouse

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle is a 39 card kit, by the renowned Caitlin Matthews and art by Virginia Lee. The kit contains the traditional 36 cards along with 3 extra cards, 160 page companion book, a divination sheet for the Big Picture Spread in a solid lift-lid box. This kit is all that you need to begin your Lenormand journey, or continue to expand your understanding and relationship with the Lenormand cards.

The Lenormand card deck is a thirty-six card oracle that has been popular in Europe and Brazil, but mostly unfamiliar in the English speaking world until very recently. Lenormand cards are named after the French celebrity diviner Mlle. Marie-Anne Lenormand (1772-1843), who read the cards for Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte. Although the cards are named after her, Mlle Lenormand never actually used these cards as they were published after her death. Lenormand cards are based on the 36 card The Game of Hope by Johann Kasper Hechtel (1771-99). The Petite Lenormand consists of a combination of images and names from The Game of Hope and playing card values.

The Enchanted Lenormand cards are absolutely gorgeous. They are hand-painted, each card designed to look like a crystal ball surrounded by an enchanted wood. The crystal ball seems to draw you into the illustration of each individual card. Each of the 36 Lenormand images are contained within the crystal ball on the card, giving it a three dimensional feel. Each card also contains the playing card insert. This kit includes three extra cards, an alternative Man and Woman cards and an additional Diviner card. The Diviner card has been added by Matthews, and has a variety of uses, which she explains in the companion book. The cards are quite small, 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm, and glossy. The card quality is good and quite sturdy. The size makes shuffling a dream for small hands like mine. Their small size also allows me to carry them with me wherever I go, they fit in my pocket or handbag.

I have always been drawn to the antique, hand-drawn Lenormand decks, so The Enchanted Lenormand deck really speaks to me. I am hard pressed to decide on a favourite card as they are so charming. I do particularly like the images on the Garden card and the Mountain card. The design of the cards means that they look magnificent when they are all laid out in a Grand Tableau, or Big Picture Spread, as Matthews has called it. The playing card inserts can also used when reading the cards. The kit includes a divination sheet for the Big Picture Spread, or Grand Tableau. Do not be too disheartened when you see a spread with all 36 cards. Readings can also be done with a smaller number of cards, commonly three, five or nine card spreads. Reading with The Enchanted Lenormand is like telling a story with the combinations of cards.

The 160 page companion book is a comprehensive introduction to the Lenormand card system. Matthews covers a variety of areas, an introduction, how to approach the cards, significators, framing questions and understanding the language of Lenormand cards. Each card is given a double page. Matthews first gives you a paragraph of a general meaning to the card. Then, she includes helpful hints for keywords, people, love, work, finance and business, well-being, playing cards, and selected combinations. The illustrations are in colour, which helps as you are learning the meanings of the cards. Also very helpful is the Enchanted Lenormand meanings at a glance, a quick double page reference to all the cards.

I really enjoy using these cards in a variety of situations. The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle can be used to prepare you for what your future may bring, solving problems, they can be used while watching a movie or television show to predict the outcome. As a mother of three young children, I often use The Enchanted Lenormand to find missing items. The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle kit is suited for beginners and advanced readers alike. It really is an Enchanted deck.

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