The Garden Path

Also known as An Antipodean Tarot

The Garden Path: An Antipodean Tarot is a personal and intuitive Tarot with images of the natural world. The cards feature Australian scenery, birds and animals, as well people close to the creator. Now available in a limited edition handmade set of 22 cards.

Created by Melanie J. Cook
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Self Published
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The Garden Path review by Sheila Hamilton

The Garden Path is, at present, a set of 22 cards depicting the Major Arcana. All the images are colour photographs taken by the deck's creator, Melanie Cook. Many of the photographs were taken in her own garden-hence the deck's name-and in the Australian bush near her home.She lives in Queensland, so trees, foliage and general lushness are very apparent.

I like this deck a lot. It's very individual, very intuitive, born out of the creator's own experience of Tarot. It does not seek to imitate the Marseilles, Rider-Waite or Thoth traditions, though it does contain echoes of them.It is subtitled "An Antipodean Tarot". Why? First, the images. The magpie who is The Priestess appears to have a very red beak and is clearly not a European species. The Emperor is an Australian species o... read more reviews.

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Theme: Australian, Nature
Category: Handmade Decks

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Name: The Garden Path
Alternate Names: An Antipodean Tarot
Creators: Melanie J. Cook
Publisher: Self Published
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22

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