Illuminate! Life Journey Cards Reviews

The Illuminate! Life Journey Cards has 42 evocative, abstract cards by artist Linda Clayton and psychologist and counselor, Dr. Jan Seward. Designed for professionals who lead others to self-awareness, as well as those who seek self-clarity.

Created by Linda Clayton, Dr. Jan Seward
Oracle Deck - 42 Cards - Linda Clayton Productions 2011
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Review by Alison Laird Craig

Generally, I have always worked with more “conventional” divination decks (like the Rider-Waite) loving their magical, yet highly esoteric imagery. In recent years, I have begun to work with a few of the newer oracle decks, a few of which strike me as, as evocative and mysterious as their ancient predecessors.

Recently, I have begun working with the Illuminate! Life Journey Cards and feel deeply satisfied with my readings done with this deck. Firstly, the images of this deck are so beautiful- delicious, colorful, modern paintings that are warmly evocative and moving. Secondly, the card names (The Temple of Where You Are Now, Reminded of Things I Can’t Quite Place, Laboring Through, One Day Past Too Long, The Life We Long Ago Chose, The Answer Has Always Been The Same) with accompanying text, are richly poetic in a way that resonates with modern psychological theory and practice and the way in which we have become accustomed to evaluating and working through life issues.

These cards are dense with feeling, and imagery and a very accessible post modern vocabulary. I highly recommend them!

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