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Love Pack

The Love Pack is a divination deck of 84 cards especially for new relationships, expanding your partner potential, and those seeking love and romance. From psychologist Chuck Spezzano.

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Created by Chuck Spezzano
Tarot Deck - 84 Cards - Collins & Brown

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Love Pack review by purple_scorp

Published in 2002, The Love Pack (Romance Deck) by Dr Chuck Spezzano is one of the best presented Oracle decks that I have come across. The Love Pack has 84 cards and a beautifully presented companion book of 144 pages.

Dr Spezzano has worked for 28 years as a marriage counsellor, therapist and internationally acclaimed workshop leader. He runs courses throughout the world, including North America, Europe and Asia and he is the author of numerous self-help works.

This deck is primarily geared towards those seeking love, or those that have just started a new relationship. However, its message can also be relevant to those that have been in a stable relationship for quite some time, for it offers advice on how to keep the relationship alive.

There are four different s...

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More About These Cards

Name: Love Pack
Creators: Chuck Spezzano
Publisher: Collins & Brown
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 84

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