Manara: The Erotic Tarot

By Italian comic-book artist Milo Manara, this tarot is a mix of eroticism and fantasy. Its imagery is explicit, in the same way as the Casanova Tarot, but it doesn't go to the sexual extreme of the Priapo Tarot.

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Manara: The Erotic Tarot review by April Wagner

Having been a long time fan of erotic art and literature, I scooped up Manara: The Erotic Tarot as soon as I discovered that it existed. In all honesty, I purchased this deck solely on the basis of its theme not believing I would ever find occasion to actually read with it. Upon giving a just for fun reading for myself, I was pleasantly surprised and renew my delight with this deck on the admittedly rare occasions I am able to read with it.

The deck was painted by Italian artist Milo Manara, famous for his erotic graphic novels, and attempts to use sexual imagery to portray traditional Tarot interpretations. Some Tarot readers are put off by the fact that Manara did not design a deck from scratch but took images from his previously published works. Designing a Tarot card is f... read more reviews.

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Theme: Erotic

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Name: Manara: The Erotic Tarot
Creators: Milo Manara
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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