Melissa Lenormand

The Melissa Lenormand is a 36-card oracle deck. It's inspired by vintage ephemera, postcards and advertising, giving it an antique feel and more complex imagery than is usual for a Lenormand deck. The deck is now completed, and available in a self-published edition.

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Melissa Lenormand review by Debra

This stunning and surprising self-published deck is professionally printed and nicely-finished on playing card stock, with narrow white borders and a thin black line that frames each card exactly appropriately. The lovely brown diagonal pattern on the backs adds a feeling of mystery to the deck.

Not that the deck needs beautiful backs to lend it mystery. In the hand, these cards are even more interesting than in the scans. Some visual elements, like color and tone and the use of writing "underneath" the collage images, are obvious in the scans. Others only became clear when the 36 cards are laid out on the table.

For example, the cards demonstrate a terrific sense of composition. The cards are not all composed the same (one figure in the middle of the card) nor is each card... read more reviews.

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More About These Cards

Name: Melissa Lenormand
Creators: Melissa Hill
Publisher: Self Published
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Language: English

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