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The Native Spirit Oracle has 44 serene cards with images from a broad range of Native American myths and symbols. The deck was created by Denise Linn, a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Created by Denise Linn
Oracle Deck - 44 Cards - Lifestyles 2015
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Review by medusawink

Denise Linn, a registered member of the Cherokee Nation, is the author of 18 spiritually oriented books, as well as the Gateway Oracle Cards and Soul Coaching Oracle Cards. She has collected together some of the most potent and immediately recognisable (to non-Native American) symbols and ideas from a broad cross-section of Native American cosmologies and forged them into a powerful set of Oracle cards.

Native Americans comprised many different Nations each with differing cosmologies and even more complex subsets of regional and clan/people-specific myths and symbols. There are, to my knowledge, no definitive overarching catch-all beliefs, myths, or symbols. Nor do these cards lay claim to representing the beliefs of any particular peoples.

The Oracle images include Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth, Spirit Keepers of the East, North, South, and West, and the Spirits of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, as well as Shape Shifter, Trickster, Storyteller, and other popular Native American spiritual figures. The images flow along nicely Eagle Medicine, Great Mystery, Peace Pipe, Offerings wait, what? Is that an image of Stonehenge? It surely is. While there is an undeniably Celtic feel to some of the cards typically featuring old green forests (not particularly unique to Europe), Stonehenge is specifically *not* Native American. It is the one jarring and somewhat false note in an otherwise beautifully envisioned deck.

This is a 44 card deck. It measures 89 x 127 mm, which makes it a fairly broad deck, but not particularly long, and it sits nicely in one's hands. The card-stock is excellent it is sturdy but flexible and quite light. It has a very smooth and glossy finish which makes these cards easy to handle and shuffle. They do not stick or clump together. The print quality is superb all images are sharp and clear, there are no misprints, no blurring, no colour bleeds.

The artwork is primarily digitally enhanced photographs alongside complete digital compositions. All the images are situated in natural settings forests, mountains, grasslands, rivers, shorelines. Great attention has been paid to the skies which are luminous in their beauty blazing sunsets, deep midnight purples, vibrant aqua, and pale wintry blues. The overall palette is enhanced natural colours nature isn't as bright as this!

There are no borders on the cards, the image spreads to the edge. The titles are given in plain print at the bottom of the card, in varying complimentary colours. The print on the back is the same as the cover of both the box and guidebook an eagle soaring above a desert, with an arch of rainbow in the background, and the title "Native Spirit" across the centre in white. The cards and guidebook come packaged in a solid cardboard box with a lift-off lid. The box has a glossy finish and is printed with the aforementioned eagle picture, as well as information about the deck.

The Native Spirit Oracle Cards Guidebook is 127 pages, and written by Denise Linn. The introduction, rather than being yet another explanation of how the author came to create the cards, is in fact a blessing and prayer for the benefit of the Seeker. There is some detailed instructions on how to use the cards this deck is intended for serious use, therefore its creator gives the user clear and specific directions for Preparation, Choosing, Interpreting, and Storing the cards.

There are 7 layouts included for the Native Spirit Oracle including Daily Spiritual Insight, Tree of Life Spread, and the Medicine Wheel One Year Spread. The cards are also intended to help the Seeker interpret their dreams, and instructions about how to do this are included. There is also some brief instructions regarding Reading Signs and Coincidences in Your Life.

Each card is given a 'Meaning ' which describes the broad intent of the card. This is followed by 'Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know' which is a deeper and far more detailed divinatory meaning. Finally, 'The Journey' is a suggestion for how the Seeker can put this wisdom into action usually a momentary or simple daily activity, or meditation frequently linked to cultivating mindfulness.

This is a serene Oracle that puts the Seeker in touch with their natural surroundings and calls to the Native Spirit (from any culture) within them. Full of wisdom and insight this is an ideal Oracle deck for a novice, but it's sense of sacredness will satisfy an adept as well.

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