Tarot Polski

Also known as Polish Tarot

The art of the Polski Tarot is exaggerated, and to my eyes has a surreal dreamlike feel. The main titles are in Polish, but there are also English and French subtitles.

Created by Anna Ligero
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Siedmiorog
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polmag polacec polces polcesa polkap polkrol

Tarot Polski review by Toria Betson

I could not begin to describe this unique and expressive, Polish tarot deck, without first talking about Anna Ligero’s exciting use of colour. What a visual feast! At times the colours seem jewel-like, with deeply saturated blues and greens, and rich reds and purples; other times they seem almost riotous with surprising lime greens, vibrant fuchsias and yellows, and energetic oranges.

Rather than rendering each card in the same style as the other, this skilled artist has fit the mood to the individual card. The cards are balanced between highly energetic, and calm, still drawings which all blend together as a deck. Her well-executed illustrations show a deep understanding of the energy of each card.

While most of the cards are rendered in an illustrative style, The Mo... read more reviews.

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Theme: Eastern European

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Name: Tarot Polski
Alternate Names: Polish Tarot
Creators: Anna Ligero
Publisher: Siedmiorog
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78

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