Resonance Oracle

The Resonance Oracle is a channelled, intentional deck of 40 cards. "There are some cards that are surreal and dream-like, and some that are romantic or dramatic. While each is different, they all are on black backgrounds, and have warmth and light to balance the shadows – the warmth of memories, or soft light of new beginnings."

Created by Dara Caplan
Oracle Deck - 40 Cards - Schiffer Books 2012
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Resonance Oracle review by Bonnie Cehovet

The “Resonance Oracle Cards” is a 40 card oracle deck that was created with the intention of aiding others in finding their own way to wisdom, truth, and balance. Both the text and the artwork are channeled.

The cards and Guidebook come in a beautiful box with a magnetic lid closure (signature Schiffer). The front of the box shows a side view of an eagle, sitting above a pair of compelling blue eyes. From the back of the box:

“Find answers for all your deepest questions, including the emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance allowing you to find your own path of joy, peace, balance, and wisdom. Messages also embrace nuances of physical reality, such as technology and lines of communication. Author/artist Dara Caplan channeled the messages and art, and included the power of... read more reviews.

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Name: Resonance Oracle
Creators: Dara Caplan
Publisher: Schiffer Books 2012
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40
Card Language: English

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