Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards

These unusual Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling cards are like a puzzle. Each card has four quarter-images, which match up with the other cards to make a huge picture. The Russian lacquer box art used for the cards is gorgeous.

Created by S A Touchkoff
Tarot Deck - 25 Cards - Harper San Francisco 1992
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Card Images from the Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards

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Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards review by Sheri Harshberger

Recently, I purchased the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards box set by Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff. The set comes with a book and a box of 25 cards in a very sturdy and attractive slipcase. The book that comes with the set isn't a "little white book" (LWB), but a nicely bound hardcover book of 182 pages.

This oracle deck has 25 cards and they are the most unique cards I have ever seen. This deck is breathtakingly beautiful. The cards are square and each is quartered on the diagonals. Within each resultant triangle there is one half of a square illustration. When I initially saw these cards, they reminded me of quilt blocks. The colors are vibrant and the illustrations are very detailed (viewing them as scanned images doesn't do them justice). The one flaw I would have to... read more reviews.

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Theme: Russian

More About These Cards

Name: Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards
Creators: S A Touchkoff
Publisher: Harper San Francisco 1992
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 25
Deck Tradition: Unique
Minor Arcana Style: None
Card Titles: 50 pictures: snake, tree, mountain, scythe, stars, coffin, clover, house, crayfish, scales, fish, anchor, ring, birds, rope, dog, bridge, ship, bread, rooster, boy, demons, book, road, dagger, sun, heron, apple, forest, horseshoe, owl, heart, fox, cavalier, fire, pig, mail, moon, woman, bear, firewood, cat, birds, handshake, horse, angel, mice, lily, money, flowers

Card Size: 3.50 x 3.50 in. = 8.89cm x 8.89cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: Ornate black and gold

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