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The Sea Symbols deck has 36 cards featuring the Janarric Runes, symbols created by coastal Italian witches for spell casting and oceanic magick. The deck is designed to discover deep personal insight, and be a practical guide for learning this particular symbology of manifesting magick.

Created by Gem Green
Oracle Deck - 36 Cards - Self Published 2013
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Review by Michelle

I received this deck yesterday - I saw the cards come up on my newsfeed one morning through Facebook and knew I just had to have them - the pull from them was so intense!

I own a lot of decks - this deck appeals to me in it's simplicity, and it's flexibility. I had always been drawn to runes, but every time I had purchased a set, they seemed to leave my space for someone else - these cards, with their simple symbology, bright colours, and the placement of the stars speaks to you via so many mediums.

Accurate, honest, direct - this is not a deck for you if you cannot handle these things in your guidance. It speaks to your Spirit, and directs you exactly where you need to go.

Thank you Gem-mer, I will be using this deck frequently amongst my clientele and my regular workings as well!

Much love and gratitude for your creativity!

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