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Decks Seeking a Publisher

A Passage in Time Tarot   

A Passage in Time Tarot aligns historical personalities with the major arcana, and historical periods - Renaissance, Medieval, Byzantine and Roman - with the four minor arcana suits. The deck is as yet unpublished on paper, but is available on an interactive DVD.

A Quantamplation Tarot   

A Quantamplation Tarot is a multi-cultural 78-card deck combining meditation, divination, magic and metaphysics. It's part one of the set - a further 69 oracle cards will be added to make a 147-card 'Quantamplation TarOrac'. The tarot deck is almost complete, and the creator is a seeking a publisher.

Afrot Tarot   

The Afrot Tarot is a set of 78 tarot cards, created using multiple different media - acrylic, oils, sharpies, paint pens and more - to signify the many types of skin tones and creeds of people of African descent.

Bapst-Hall Tarot   

Although the Bapst-Hall Tarot has been re-structured to fit a gay theme, it is a deck usable by anyone. The original, computer-based artwork is colourful, and larger than life.

Dreams Tarot   

The Dreams Tarot is an unpublished deck, based on dream imagery and illustrated in a surrealist, photo-collage style. The artist, Tamara, also created a 78-card Romanian-published deck called the Tarotul Visurilor.

Eklektikos Tarot   

The Eklektikos Tarot is a work-in-progess deck, drawn in pencil colours. The 78 cards show the diversity of symbology though the use of images of different cultures, historical and mythical characters, and natural elements.

Esther's Australia Deck   

Esther's Australia deck is illustrated with Aussie animals (both native and introduced), flora, and multi-cultural people. There are also scenes of popular landscapes and icons, like Luna Park, Ulura and the Sydney Opera House. The deck is complete and the artist is seeking a publisher.

Fashion Victim Tarot   

The Fashion Victim Tarot is based on the pros and cons of the fashion world, and how fashion can influence almost every part of life. The major arcana are illustrated with a human character as a fashion statement, and the minor suits are divided into Stilettos (Swords), Lipsticks (Wands), Vessels and perfumes (Cups), and Diamonds (Coins). The deck is complete and as yet unpublished.

Greight Bits of Tarot   

The Greight Bits of Tarot has 78 cards influenced by the simple pixelated images of the Eighties gaming world. The cards have brightly coloured, simple art, designed to work as a path of positive affirmation. 78 haikus accompany the cards and hint at characteristics in each card. The deck is complete and seeking a publisher.

Language of Flowers Tarot   

The Language of Flowers Tarot is an unpublished, in-progess deck of 78 cards that weaves card meanings together with folk sentiments given to plants and flowers. The cards are illustrated with real flowers photographed on a pale background.

Mayan-Olmec Tarot   

Created by a scholar of Pre-Columbian people, this tarot focuses on the Mayan and Olmec peoples. The minors of the Mayan-Olmec Tarot show the costumes and daily life, the majors show leadership roles and sacred religious practices.

Midnight Soul Tarot   

The Midnight Soul Tarot is an ornately decorated deck, with subtle symbolism loosely based on the Connolly and Rider-Waite decks. The deck is still in early development, but the artist is seeking a publisher.

North Star Tarot   

The North Star Tarot is an egg-shaped deck which centers around the constellation Ursa Major, exploring and re-creating mythologies of the stars. The deck is unpublished but complete.

Paul O'Mara Tarot   

The cards of the Paul O'Mara Tarot are an ongoing map of the artist's life, and have been worked on for years. The art is a slick collage style of photographic elements. Now seeking a publisher.

Quel Tarot   

The Quel Tarot (formerly Friends and Familiar Tarot) is being created as a way to honour and express appreciation for the artist's loved ones, as each card is part of the story of people in her life. The 22-card deck blends the Rider-Waite and Thoth traditions, and uses B.O.T.A colour correspondences.

Stormrider Tarot   

The Stormrider Tarot was inspired by Pamela Colman-Smith's artwork. The artist intended to give it a more colourful, fluid and dreamy feel. The 78-card deck is as yet unpublished.

Taro Artemis   

The Taro Artemis is a Russian-designed majors only collage Tarot, with images based on erotic characters.

Tarot Lovers Deck   

The Tarot Lovers Deck was created to provide images for's Tarot Lovers Diary. It draws inspiration from the Visconti, Marseilles, and Rider-Waite decks, and uses the traditional hair colouring in the court cards. Now published as the Tarot Lovers' Tarot.

Tarot of the Golden Tape   

The Tarot of the Golden Tape card art is softly blended and shaped, people are mostly shown in androgynous outline. A full deck of 80 tarot cards, with companion text, it is inspired by Eliphas Levi's book Transcendental Magic.

Tarot Saka   

The Tarot Panca Saka is a Rider-Waite based tarot that draws on elements of Indonesian culture. The 78 cards are illustrated in a detailed, semi-modern theme. The creator is seeking a publisher for the deck.

The Book of Azathoth   

The Book of Azathoth is an homage to the American sci-fi and horror author, H.P. Lovecraft. The 78 card deck is designed to give the feel of being of Lovecraft's universe, as used by one of his characters. Self-published and available from the artist.

Visual Zodiac   

The Visual Zodiac is a 78-card oracle deck that illustrates all possible combinations of astrological signs and the zodiac. Although the structure is based on astrology rather than tarot, it can be used as a divinatory tool. The deck is complete, and seeking a publisher.

Wild Nature Tarot   

The Wild Nature Tarot celebrates the untamed power of Nature and the wilds, as well as exploring our own inner wilderness of dreams, imagination and emotion. It takes an intuitive approach to tarot through rich and vivid artwork. Still a work in progess, it will be a 78-card deck when completed.

Wise Cards   

The Wise Cards have one very simple symbol or image per card, and are designed to make it easy to tune into your intuition, and to quickly understand the cards as each is drawn. Currently self-published in a handmade edition of 41 cards with basic instructions.

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