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The Southern Cross Oracle is a 36-card deck inspired by the Bellinger Valley in coastal New South Wales, Australia. Each card was dot painted with the end of a feather, and features local flora and fauna, landmarks, and sacred spaces. This self-published edition has since sold out, but it's now available in a mass-market edition as the Dreamtime Reading Cards.

Created by Laura Bowen
Oracle Deck - 36 Cards - Self Published 2013
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Review by Gem Green

An amazing display of native Australian artwork forms the body of The Southern Cross Oracle which I feel connects you not only to the spirit of the Bellinger Valley from which inspiration was drawn but also to the spirit of the artist/author, Laura.

A genuine and inspirational oracle deck filled with wisdom and an amazing energy that fills my bones and connects me to my ancestors. The accuracy of the cards is exceptional and I have found them easy to connect with, easy to read and they house a beautiful depth that allows me to move through my personal journey with them at my own pace. Beautiful Laura, well done.

Gem~mer is an Ocean Enchantress, Intuitive Creatress and Teacher of Ocean Magicks. Gemís creative works include crafting ocean talismans and tools for spiritual connections and teaching ocean magicks through magazine articles, workshops and online courses.

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