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Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara

An amazing limited edition Italian Tarot deck, with warmly coloured and finely detailed art by Amerigo Folchi. The Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara is titled in both Italian and English.

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Created by Amerigo Folchi
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Italcards

This deck is unpublished, rare, or out of print and isn't easily available.
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Card Images from the Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara

tcoemp tcohiero tcowheel tcomage tcosun tcolove

Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara review by Cerulean

I bought this years after the deck first appeared, from, when many of Amerigo Folchi's Italcard titles started to become 'unavailable' on and An E-bay purchaser fell through on this deal, and it was money saved in my account with such a very special deck in mind. I had just started to study direct my evening and other studies and was gathering resources and readings on Italian Renaissance poetry.

When the green and beige silk-screened box arrived, I began looking carefully at the online reviews that I had bookmarked. The reviews on and were all about the details on the cards and the historical notes that were included in the little green booklet. It was well-done for what was considered a...
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More About These Cards

Name: Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara
Creators: Amerigo Folchi
Publisher: Italcards
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
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