Third Eye Oracle

The Third Eye Oracle has 48 cards with fairly simple designs, arranged in 12 themes of growth, change and perception. Each theme contains a four card cycle illustrating its aspects, which are also visually associated with the colours of the four elements. The deck is self-published by the artist.

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Third Eye Oracle review by Kate Hill

Gary Lund’s Third Eye Oracle is a uniquely structured oracle deck, intended for "opening to your inner vision within the cycles of growth and change". Lund calls it a ‘hind-sight’ oracle, as his cards were painted in an initial two month flurry and then over the next twenty years, he played with the cards allowing their meaning to reveal themselves. In his words:

"These cards originally came to me as a kind of card game, an intuitive entertainment, a celebration of our connection to the cycles of growth and change upon the earth. Cards that would activate and bring forward our own inner-knowing, our intuitive seeing of our world. The images and sequences came so quickly and easily, as though they had already existed and had only to be brought through me onto the p... read more reviews.

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Name: Third Eye Oracle
Creators: Gary Lund
Publisher: Self Published
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 48

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