Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards Reviews

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards is based on the mythology of the Isle of Avalon and its sacred priestesses. The illustrated cards featuring mythological characters, animal guides, and fairy guides are quite pretty. The deck used to have many 'signpost' cards, but has since been updated to replace these cards with original illustrations.

Created by Colette Baron-Reid, Gary A. Lippincott
Oracle Deck - 52 Cards - Hay House 2007
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Review by Betty

I am a novice card reader and initially bought this deck for its artwork. It reminded me of the "Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, one of my favourite authors, which was also a draw. The animal, faery and other "guide" cards have such richness and depth that one is quickly drawn deeply in and encouraged to find many creative meanings for the cards. The colours are glorious. As a beginner I found them very accessible because there wasn't a lot of symbology, just beautiful images and keywords on each card to start the thought process. There are "signpost cards" that all share the same background with only a different word on the sign in the foreground. One person commented that they thought the artist got lazy. Instead, I find that the familiar background allows me to focus on the many meanings of the particular word and what it might mean for me at this moment.

I have not used these cards in readings for others yet but have certainly found them useful and helpful for myself. The guidebook gives concise but comprehensive meanings for each card and the explanations are written in an extraordinarily graceful manner. Even the "bad" cards leave one feeling hopeful. I have the impression that peace and joy for its users were the ultimate goals for these cards. The guidebook also gives some tips on readings and layout suggestions, which were helpful in getting started.

As a novice card user, I found these cards very accessible and easy to understand. There are not a lot of symbols needing explaining and further study and yet, I think there is enough depth that even experienced card users/readers would find this deck useful and helpful. Anyone fascinated by the Avalon mystery would thoroughly enjoy this interpretation of the legends. I would happily recommend this deck to anyone at any level.

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