Wolf Song Cards

The Wolf Song Cards have a Native American theme and features 60 attractive paintings of animals from Northern America in their natural settings. Available as cards-only or as a book set.

Created by Lew Hartman
Tarot Deck - 60 Cards - US Games
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Wolf Song Cards review by Paul Roach

This is a deck that is so worthy of a review and have I been surprised by the lack of one. Yes the deck has a lot of faults, probably too many for most people, but in my opinion the actual pictures more than make up for that.

I’ll run down the many faults before I say what is good about it: The LWB isn’t one of the best and only has a few key words about each card, which ideally means you would need to buy the book and card set. The worst thing about the book is the layout; the cards aren’t numbered and aren’t in alphabetical order either, making finding card meanings very difficult. The spread in the LWB isn’t as clear as it could be and the extra spreads that appear in the book that comes with the book and card set aren’t much clearer. I have... read more reviews.

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Theme: Animal, Native American

More About These Cards

Name: Wolf Song Cards
Creators: Lew Hartman
Publisher: US Games
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 60

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