Bored of the Same Old Tarot Spreads? Tired of the Celtic Cross?

Have more fun and get more insight from your favourite Tarot deck with our tested Tarot spreads.

Inside our eBooks you'll find up to 95 different spreads on almost every question you can think of. Every spread was created by experienced Tarot readers for their own readings - so you know they work!

We have dozens of original Tarot spreads for you in our eBooks that you won't find anywhere else, all clearly illustrated and explained and easy to use when you need them.

Inside our Tarot Spreads eBook...

You receive 40 original tarot spreads created by expert tarot readers, and -

  • Every spread is clearly illustrated, with layouts and position explanations

  • Spreads especially for love and relationship questions

  • Get insight into questions of career and money

  • Extra spreads for family, pets, creativity and self-awareness

  • New daily spreads to help discover your cards

Instantly download your eBook with all 40 spreads so you can read with them today.

Inside our Four Book Bundle...

You receive the complete set of FOUR BOOKS with 95 different Tarot spreads:

  • Our original eBook with 40 of the best spreads for pretty much everything

  • An extra 20 focused spreads for finding love and having the best love life possible

  • 20 more spreads just for personal growth, removing blocks and finding your life purpose

  • And - 19 new spreads to spice up your three card readings!

Our themed eBooks are only available in this bundle, so don't miss out! Instantly download your eBooks with all 95 spreads.

Easy to Follow Instructions, Diagrams and Explanations

Start reading with our spreads immediately! Each spread has...

  • Illustrated layout diagram

  • Numbered card positions

  • Explanations of each card position

  • Author's explanation of the spread

All spreads were created by Tarot readers, for Tarot readers like you.

Expand Your Collection of Tarot Spreads

Are you in a rut and tired of reading your cards with the same old tarot spreads every day? Is the Celtic Cross spread too complicated or just not working for you?

Our eBooks have original unique spreads on every topic you can think of! Easily reveal more about your love relationships, your career and money solutions, your spiritual path and so much more.

One of the many spreads to help you with your love life is Glass Owl's Preparing for Love spread. It's an eight card spread designed explore your perceptions, feelings and expectations regarding love, and prepare you for a healthy, loving relationship.

Another unique spread is the Predict a Person's Reaction Spread. Did you borrow your best friend's sweater, and then burn a hole in it by accident? Here's a spread to use before you give the sweater back. It's a three card spread with the cards representing the person's feelings, thoughts, and actions.

From the theme of personal growth is Arwen's Our Purpose spread. It's a nine card spread designed to explore our purpose in life and find new reasons to be joyful in everyday life.

Still Curious? Take a Look Inside

Here's a sample page from each of our four eBooks!

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Do I need a new deck to use with these spreads?

Only if you want one! You can use any tarot, oracle or Lenormand deck with these spreads.

Are these eBooks available on paper?

Unfortunately not - our eBooks are digital only and not yet available in print. But you're welcome to buy the eBooks and print out a copy for yourself.

How will I receive my eBooks after purchase?

You'll receive an email sent to the email address you used for purchase with a personalised link to download your eBooks.

How do I read the eBooks?

The eBook is a PDF document and can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle.

How do I download my eBooks after purchase?

Check our full Download FAQ after purchase if you need a little extra help.

Above all - enjoy your journey with your Tarot cards!