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Your Guide to Real Insight from Your Tarot Readings

Stop feeling so frustrated by your readings and start getting answers to your questions and insight into your life. Discover all 78 tarot card meanings, just how and when to do a reading, and how to use reversed cards today.

Inside The Tarot Reading Companion eBook...

  • The complete 78 tarot card meanings by Thirteen, as seen here at Aeclectic

  • 292 pages of insights and advice based on over twenty years of tarot reading

  • Discover exactly how and when to read your cards for easy and confident readings

  • Three easy tarot spreads to try, and sample readings show you how it's done

  • Bonus - all 78 reversed card meanings for you to expand the scope of your readings

"I have several books but none like this. Your descriptions and information are wonderful." ~ Lindamarie

Discover the 78 tarot card meanings through vivid stories and simple and practical advice. Thirteen explains...

  • The most common symbols that appear on each tarot card

  • The basic meaning of the card, so it's easy to apply to your situation

  • The unique story of each major arcana card from the perspective of the Fool's journey

  • Her own practical observations based on years of tarot reading experience

Thirteen's clear insights make it easy to understand and apply the meanings to your own life. There's no long lists of keywords or pages of history, just practical advice and easy to remember meanings.

"The Tarot comes alive for me when I read your explanations." - Diane

Not only is The Tarot Reading Companion your guide to the cards, it's also a step-by-step manual for getting the most from your readings:

  • What questions to ask your cards to get the best answers

  • When to do a reading (and when not to do one)

  • How to best get an answer to yes/no questions

  • How to shuffle and pull cards for your deck

  • Three easy spreads to try, with illustrations and sample readings

"There were gaps in my Tarot knowledge. Luckily I found your eBook and got all the answers I needed." - Ted


Ready to take your readings to the next level? The book includes bonus reversed meanings for all 78 tarot cards, giving you the blocked, opposite and upside-down interpretation for each card and offering extra insight and important life lessons.

And, The Tarot Reading Companion can be used with most tarot decks. It's also fully illustrated with stunning images from the Sacred Isle Tarot, for when you don't have your cards with you.

"Your ebooks are always read every day! They are truly the best thing I found!" - Tara

Download the complete eBook now, and discover:

  • The unique meaning, symbols and story behind each of the 78 tarot cards

  • What to ask your cards for the best answers

  • How to read with ease and confidence

  • How to understand reversed cards

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"Your Tarot Meanings have been some of the most insightful interpretation info I've found (way better than many books I've bought). Thanks!!" - Carla

About the Author

Thirteen has been reading tarot cards for twenty-five years and teaching tarot related classes for fifteen. She has also been sharing her insights and guiding tarot students in the Aeclectic Tarot Forum community since 2001.

About the Tarot Reading Companion

The eBook is a PDF document and can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle.

This eBook combines the previous Tarot Card Meanings and Tarot Reversals eBooks, and is also now illustrated with full-colour card images, and includes brand new content on tarot spreads and how to read your cards.

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