Z Budapest Talks Tarot Readings

by Z Budapest

In 1975, Z Budapest was arrested for reading Tarot cards to an undercover policewoman. She lost the trial but won the issue, and the law against psychics was struck down nine years later through her relentless efforts.

Have you noticed the Tarot cards readers on the sidewalks of any city? They set up a little table, women as well as men nowadays, sitting there wearing special scarf, or tie-dye t-shirt?

You see their faces leaning over the cards, examining them, then looking into the querrent’s eyes and telling them what they see? How can wisdom be so readily avaible? How can wisdom be touched by these unusual looking people, are they charlatans frightening the people, or do they really say something of worth?

I am one of those people, but I don’t “read” on the streets, I prefer a phone call. Many times the people want to be with me, so I can Feel them. I tell them that is only confusing me. I don’t need to see and feel them because it gives me an attitude. My entire secret is to step aside and let the wisdom come thought the Tarot.

In fact, I am not doing really any of the important work. I am simply “reading” like a page in a book. I can get a story clear as a bell without seeing the person I am consulting.

Can I always rely on the Tarot for a true reading? Most of the time. I have a system which I use to make sure I am not be being fooled. I don’t need anything from the querent, only their age and zodiac sign. I then lay out the cards after careful shuffling.

The first card, the significator, creates itself. I don’t select it. Let that first card already tell the condition of the querent.

Once the Celtic Cross is laid out, I can discuss the card for the near Past. This is the crucial test. Can the querent verify it? This is in the past, she must be able to. If she can, it’s her reading. No nonsense to follow.

Sometimes the Tarot is whimsical. I have a relationship with the “spirits” who cause the cards to come up, and if I ask them something obvious, sometimes, very rarely, they avoid answering. Times like that I give up reading them. Wait until better spirits return, who enjoy working with me.

And this brings up the question, who are these spirits?

I don’t think they are spirits with a name and address and past, ex-people or something like that.

I think the Tarot operates as the Universe operates, on randomness. Nothing is accidental. If you play with the Universe, she will follow her own rules.

Randomness is her rule. In this randomness live the Oracles. I ask a question and make a horse shoe with the cards now, closing my eyes, making sure I pick a card without any logical reason at all. In fact any kind of reason is already an attempt to control randomness. If I do that, the answers will be evading. Once again I have to step aside. Pulling three cards on a question for no reason at all, is the way to go. Those often answer in a very clear fashion.

Reading relatives or beloveds is also tricky. I have an attitude already. I have a relationship with them, I love them, want to give them good news. Ask another Tarot reader to do their cards. Often, I am not able to do that, and read my loved ones. Just as often these are the readings that are not as clear as to those for strangers.

Age has a lot to do with accuracy. As I have gotten older, I feel I am at ease more with the Tarot. I can phrase in a way the women “get it” and infuse my findings with exersizes, and rituals, and homework for them to follow up their readings.

I have also had the experience on the circle of life who are younger them me. I can recall what it was like being younger, or in my fifties, or going through the Saturn’s cycles, Chiron returns, and can share that with the people. I think those additional astrology insights help me to see where the client is in her life circle.

The Tarot is based on the wise Kabbala; a great ancient wisdom treasure trove; ancient astrology as it is today has deciphered the landmarks in our life’s; and the times when we are under the “spell” of a star change. Put all these together, plus a considerable knowledge of witchcraft, and I can be very useful to any woman or men who is in deep trouble, has depression, needs better decision making, or needs to look a bit ahead to see what’s coming.

I of course use the Tarot to console myself.

No matter how confused I am, broken hearted, if life is pushing me towards desperation, a Tarot reading on the matter always reminds me of the transience of all things, and that Change is the law. This comforts me when I see no way out from under.

My passion for reading the Tarot comes and goes, after I had defeated the anti-fortunetelling law (took nine years and many pro-bono feminist lawyers) which included the Tarot readers, I soured up on readings for a while. But it’s seeping back in. It’s good to put it down, and let it ripen like good wine in the cellar. Prophesy needs time to ripen too. Doing a lot of readings a day, it becomes a “job” and I am not sure Tarot wants to be a Job. It is a special occasion, a special randomness which brings a great reading about. Why ruin it?

I advise my clients to study the Tarot. When I read them I can share with them the name of the cards, and they can meditate on them later on.

Since the early seventies, the Tarot has risen from an obscure “groovy” parlor game into a major psychology tool, with the spirituality underneath lifted out of the dust. Its given us a sophisticated tool to council each other and strengthen our belief that we are not alone, the Universe is aware of our lives and wants us to enjoy our ride on the back of the green-blue Earth.

This is the most precious gift to all of us ever.

© Z Budapest

Z Budapest is the author of eight books about Women's Spirituality, and the Goddess. She teaches online at the Dianic University to the new generation of spirit-powered rebellious women.

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