Tarot Counselor

by Susan Ae

Tarot Readers who are seriously assisting their Querents in seeking life knowledge discover that this work is so much more than intuitive interpretation of spreads. In truth, they are counselors of the highest order not unlike priests or psychologists. With first time Querents, I have often found it necessary to teach how the Tarot works, and by what laws it is governed.

The Querent must have understanding of the principles that underlie the reality of the Tarot if they are to gain the most benefit from a reading. These principles are:


Above knowledge is wisdom and above this is the Cosmic Force, which by any other name is still God; the Divine, the Eternal, the Universe, the Infinite, the One. Tarot is a voice of this wisdom and truth, a language for both. Creation of consequence requires knowledge to the nature of Law, and the cause and effect of choices. There are two elements within the events of our lives:

A.) Chance or circumstances beyond our control, and
B.) Choices both direct and indirect within our control.

On the matter of choices within our control, the power we may obtain through the seeking of wisdom and the acquisition of knowledge is limitless. As there is no such thing as being too wise, or being foolish to seek wisdom, but knowledge without power is pointless. Pointless, like a vast library inaccessible and hidden to the Seeker. Knowledge that does not act is therein useless.

Power is the use of knowledge in making choices. It is ability, it is seeing effect at the point of cause. It is working from the premise of insight rather than hindsight. With insight I have pre-knowledge and I will make my decisions according to it. In hindsight, I made these decisions and now I must learn from the consequences. "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it". Power is also the mastery of memory, never forgetting the lessons of hindsight for these are the stairs of Ascension, or the evolvement of the conscious intellect. Seeking knowledge for insight is the better course of wisdom, such as in a Tarot reading.

But, can we trust the Spirit of Tarot? Yes! With absolute certainty because the voice of Tarot is the word of Time itself, a non- discriminatory reality on the ethereal plane, who IS the Past, the Present and the Future. It is triune in nature as the Cosmic, the Collective Unconscious, and the Individual Subconsciousness, it speaks only the truth because it is not, and cannot be corrupted. It is governed by the Universal Law best understood through the Trump Justice, which in its greatest interpretation is for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Justice represents perfect balance, eyes-open judgments and the altar of the Divine. It is like the sun, always shining beyond the clouds, we may or may not see depending on our intuition and intrepretation but abiding nonetheless. Tarot is the Counselor, the Friend, the Ally, the One who Loves, who Teaches, who would never give a stone when asked for bread. Tarot will give answer to all sincere questions such as to anyone who would ask with a open heart and mind and in an abiding confidence expect answer.

When I shuffle the deck, this represents chance, and in this seemingly random movement of cards the synchronicity of chance and choice is made real. The future is fluid, it is created moment by moment, effects of earlier causes are in play, new causes are being born with new effects coming. The Tarot shows what was, what is and what will be according to their specific question, but it is the will of choice, the power that lies within the hands of the Querent that manifests the "to be or not to be" factual outcomes of their future.

There is consequence to everything we do, and everything we don't do (both are choices). The Querent should come away from a reading with the realization that it is they who are the masters of their own destiny. They can change or not change it according to their own free will.

© Susan Ae

Susan Ae is a Tarot Reader and a student of the Occult. She is also a current member of B.O.T.A. (Builders of the Adytum).

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