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Two of Swords
by Melvis

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

One reason I chose the Two of Swords was that many times when I've pulled it out of a new deck and read the accompanying description, the card's creator has associated it with words such as "stalemate" and "indecision". I prefer to see the card with more of a Taoist view -- Yin and Yang in balance with each other.

But this is not an easy balance. You can see the struggle in the faces of the potential swordsmen -- each a negative image of each other. "Do I draw my sword, or lay it down?" We are looking at the moment of decision where neither mind nor heart has the upper hand. It is a highly charged point in time, which can potentially go either way.

The lightning bolt captures this charge and illuminates the pair, representing the energy that lies in this singular moment. The hands pointing to the bolt, which are themselves symbols of creativity and action, alert us to what comes next: making the most out of the outcome of this moment, whatever it may be.

The model I chose for the two images of the fighter is Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini's sculpture of David. It shows the biblical warrior the moment before he releases the stone that kills Goliath.

Card Meaning

A balance of opposites, an upcoming decision, considering the views of your opponent.

There is not really a "reverse" of this card; there is only a question you must ask yourself: Which of these two warriors do I identify with most? If your chosen fighter is upright (but on the bottom), you should keep your eye on your opponent: he or she may overwhelm you. If your champion is reversed, you should take a better look at the opponent in front of you: are you really seeing them in their truest light? Perhaps you're shouting at this person when you could be better heard with a whisper!

Card Media

Picture collage from art and sculpture books combined using imagination and Paint Shop Pro.

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