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Three of Pentacles
by JMD

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I was intending to volunteer for the Two of Coins, but it was allocated, so I volunteered for the ensuing one.

Part of the request made in the project was that the Pips be illustrated, rather than ‘merely’ depicting a different number of suit symbols. Colman-Smith’s influence in illustrating the Rider-Waite Pip cards was the Sola-Busca deck, which in my opinion, is not Tarot - and thus incorrect. I prefer, and view as correct, the depictions from such decks as the Tarot of Marseilles. My representation therefor had to maintain the latter’s simplicity, even if it unveiled a hidden aspect.

I used the opportunity to reflect on two aspects of importance with this card: that the representation was of the physical (Coins are usually correlated with the element of Earth), and that it dealt with communication (a ‘three’ can represent this). I therefore depicted the three coins as three lotus flowers (or chakras) located in the [Third] Eye, the Throat and the Heart. The first of these has two main petals, reminding us to distinguish, with reverence, the essential from the inessential, truth from opinion. The second in the region of the throat, which gives the ability to value truth and reality, has sixteen petals, of which eight describe the eight-fold path familiar to Buddhists. The third, in the region of the heart, from which the love of inner freedom develops, has six of its twelve petals depicting the six vital developmental attributes on the occult or esoteric path: Control of Thoughts, Control of Actions, Perseverance, Tolerance, Impartiality, and Equanimity.

Card Meaning

Each card in a specific reading is open to the imagination and interpretation of the Reader, and I am here reluctant to narrow its meaning too much by defining it. Taking what I have said above as a basis, the Three of Coins may well indicate that communication, through physical activity or exchange of a gift or token, is at issue.

Card Media

The card was drafted within a Golden Rectangle (approximately 18.5cm X 30 cm.) All colours are Lyra® pencils, black felt pen.

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