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Three of Swords
by Dolphingirl

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I loved doing this card. Most of the artwork for the Three of Swords in other decks just showed three swords with rain and clouds and I felt that this card was often overlooked. To me this card is all about feeling alone and isolated. I chose the howling wolf as a wonderful embodiment of all that this card represents. He is calling out in a primal howl and releasing those feelings so that he can move on to happier times. The sky is bright and full of movement where you are just waiting for a rainbow to appear after the storm that has just ended.

Card Meaning

The Three of Swords is about feeling lonely and pain but knowing that the pain will end and you will be stronger in the end. This card is about reflecting on yourself and trying to understand others. In a lot of decks this card has such a negative meaning that I feel that the it can scare people and this card should not be just about the pain but on the strength and hope that going through it can give you. It is likely there is something amiss in your life that you are unwilling to acknowledge or that you are not aware of. Examine your feelings and reach out to others and things will start to look up.

Reversed: If this card comes up reversed you may be feeling sad and blue. This card has the same meaning as upright but to a lesser extent.

Card Media

Acrylic and watercolor paints on 9 x 12 watercolor paper.

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