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Five of Cups
by purplelady

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I felt that this card would bring an interesting contrast to my other card (Ten of Pentacles), because it depicts sadness, loss, and conflict. Whenever I draw this card in a reading these qualities immediately come to mind.

A large aqua wave rolls in the ocean. Four unique chalices are tossed with the wave to form a fan. Some of the chalices are upright; some are turned upside down. A fifth silver chalice has come to rest upright on the shore; on the stem of this chalice is a silver Capricorn. Two seashells and a starfish rest at the bottom of the wave. Raindrops fall, the wave froths. A seagull passes, flying above it all.

I think my card contains a more dynamic movement. There is still emotion, maybe confused emotion. Although this does not change the accepted meaning for this card, I believe this may be a hint more positive than the Rider-Waite.

The ocean wave is emotion, emotion that is in full swing. Waves rise up from the calm, smooth ocean. They roll and crash in a frothy white spray. The ocean becomes calm and smooth and again waves rise up and crash down. The ocean is eternal emotion. It covers 80% of our earth. It is the primeval sea from which all life arose. The sea is salty as tears, but fresh water rains down into it. The five cups are containers of water and emotion. Are the cups full or empty? The cups are tossed by the enormous wave. Some are upright, others upside down. The cups turned upside down by the wave symbolize a loss and sorrow- a spilling. But some are upright and contain hope for the future. The seashells and starfish are the treasures we find in our emotions whether they are happiness or sorrow, or possibly confusion. The starfish happily swims with the wave and lets it carry him. The Capricorn on the silver chalice is a mythical creature, half goat, and half fish. He survives on land or in water, in logic or emotion. He will survive any tumultuous emotion of sadness and loss. The seagull has a bird's -eye view of it all. He symbolizes being able to move beyond sorrow and loss into the future.

Card Meaning

This card indicates that the Querent has experienced some rough, tumultuous or confusing times. A possible loss is indicated, or something has already been lost, but the upright chalices indicate that all is not lost. Out of those upright cards comes hope for the future. There is a treasure to discover in your emotions. Try to see the logic and emotion like the sea goat. The seagull can offer a distant birds-eye view.

Card Media

Card created using Jasc Paint Shop Pro Version 6, using cut & paste collage. 220 x 350 pixels.

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