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Six of Swords
by Aeonx

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

When I joined the project late, I was assigned this card. However, the experience has changed my view on the Six of Swords. Itís a much more personal card to me now. Itís amazing how one is able to connect with a card after such intense studying.

Iím fairly new to Tarot, especially the in-depth study, so Iím not sure what my opinion of the card was previously. Now, when I see this card, I relate to my experience and personal description of the card I myself designed. (However, the gut feeling is always important.)

My interpretation differs in how the content of the card is portrayed. I kept the man from the Rider-Waite and transformed his Ďoarí to a wand. I kept the six swords, however, I have separated them into two groups; one having two swords, the other four.

The color symbolism is quite important in the card. I have used certain colors to illustrate i.e. the personís state of mind, what the swords stand for, what is positive and what is negative.

Green: growth

Blue: strife, psychological problems, and mental condition

Grey: boundaries, isolation, passivity, and stagnation

Green/Black: striving between growth and stagnation

Yellow: being positive, 'golden' opportunity

Card Meaning

People are different and would of course have their own explanation. On how I would like others to interpret it is irrelevant. Read the above: we all have a special feeling about our cards and readings, so people are welcome to see my card exactly as they feel is right. Iím not experienced enough with reversals to say anything specific about it, other than it has to do with blocked energies.

My card signifies a person that is dragging with him/her baggage from the past. This Ďbaggageí is usually problems the person has been dwelling on for some time. Youíve grown quite accustomed to the problems, and youíre starting to depend on them. Youíre afraid what will happen if you try to fight them, therefore you keep them, carrying them with you everywhere you go. This way, youíre eyes become hazed, making you miss many good offers. You fail to see them because of the weight on your shoulders. However, the problems are not crushing you. Even though you have this burden to struggle with, itís not threatening to destroy you. The lesson is: open your eyes and see what the world has to offer. Face your problems, itís time to fight them off. You donít need that extra baggage; itís only making your path more difficult. The hand represents an offer not seen. You are too absorbed in your own problems that you are not able to see what the world is offering. You are walking on a road that seems to go on and on. On the way you are passing up good offers. The road cannot come to an end before you turn around and see through your problems (the two swords) and see the offer.

Reversed: You are blocking out these energies. You may be aware of the facts, but you are afraid to face them. You refuse to see a solution.

Card Media

Wax crayons, black and blue pen to outline the person and the swords; scanned and saved in .JPEG format. The original is 7,75 cm wide and 12,5 cm high.

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