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Eight of Pentacles
by Meewah

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

When I offered to design the Queen of Cups card, I was also assigned the Eight of Pentacles. I was pleased with the assignment as I like the energy of the card.

When I see the Eight of Pentacles, it describes a situation, a condition, an activity; occasionally a person. {Minor Arcana are not usually interpreted as representing a person, but I have experienced some as a person & this card has appeared as such.} The number 8 in this suit refers to applied knowledge & understanding. Pentacles (also known as Coins or Disks) refers to the tangible aspects of life, the manifestations of one's endeavors &/or consciousness. Thus, the card refers not only to accomplishments, but also to finances, work, study, the physical body & health. Its suit associates it with the Earth signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo.

The outdoor setting refers to the Earth element of the card. The landscape of hills, valleys & level ground is intended to evoke the highs, lows & the occasionally even textures that characterize earthly existence. Nature is abundant with beauty & potential, represented by the verdant & earthy colors hues, the vegetation & trees. The sun is a symbol of the Light that supports all life on earth. Into each life some rain falls, hence the single cloud overhead; however, it is part of the continuing cycle of life (& death). Rain fertilizes new life in the earth's soil. The road on the left side of the card leads infinitely onward, through the twin hills & is symbolic of the life path. Beyond the hills is unknown territory, or the unconscious. Since the element is Earth, the unconscious is not close at hand, but it exists. In the distance is a silver castle, an embodiment of worldly desires & accomplishments. I chose a satyr (half man & half goat) to carry the theme of mythological creatures representing otherworldly qualities - that one is more than one's physical body & appearance. It also represents the dual nature of Man: the civilized & the primitive, the intellect/logic & the intuitive/irrational. The figure in the card is industriously occupied with his craft. He possesses spiritual wisdom (blue shirt) & an intellectual understanding that supports his endeavors (yellow table, stool & tools of his craft). His work area is a round clearing inscribed with a pentacle. A reference to ritualistic workings performed within the protective circle, so is he in his element, surrounded by all he needs while he works. The pentacle also refers to Man's life on Earth, the planet, with the 5-pointed star a symbol for Man, and through his 5 senses he assimilates knowledge. The tree is gold, signifying knowledge is golden, a treasure in the earth. The spiral shape of the trunk refers to the evolutionary spiral, the way to divinity. Seven of the 8 pentacles are completed. A place for the 8th awaits, which is a work in progress or nearing completion.

Card Meaning

This card represents practical knowledge; understanding that comes with advanced learning & experience. It is dedication, commitment, skill, education, karma, success, prosperity, and well being. Furthering one's education through formal or informal study, through academics or vocational schooling. In matters of health it can indicate stable health or recovery from a malady. The number of 8 combined with the element of Earth refers to strength of the inner variety, one that is supported by spiritual sustenance. Balance of the inner & outer worlds. Knowing when to push & when to pull. Also, it relates to the concept of as above, so below; the macrocosm vs. the microcosm. God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world. Perfection in the earth. Karmic influences. Whatever ye sow, ye shall reap. What goes around, comes around. Reincarnation.

Reversed, it would refer to an imbalance in conditions. A lack of understanding of whatever is appropriate to the matter at hand. Irresponsibility. Lack of commitment, vision or ambition. Poor health. Heading for a fall (from grace, from comfort). It can be a delay in a project or in moving forward. Karma. A wake-up call of the ‘watch-where-you-are-going-stupid’ variety.

Card Media

No 2 Lead Pencil, Berol Prismacolor® Pencils, Sharpie Extra-Fine Point Permanent Black Marker on watercolor stock. The dimensions are 5 inches by 7.5 inches.

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