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Ten of Pentacles
by Purplelady

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I was drawn to this card because it is the promise of the things many people strive for, desire, and dream of. It is such a positive, happy, and abundant card.

I'm always very happy to draw this card [in a reading]. "All is well". A happy home, material abundance, and a happy family life.

A beautiful medieval castle rises against the sky. The castle is surrounded by a large moat. Two lovely white swans swim together in the moat. The water has a golden hue, reflecting the gold of the 10 large pentacles floating in the air. A lush green tree grows to the side.

I don't think my card differs much from the Rider-Waite, which has people on it; mine does not.

Card Meaning

The Ten Pentacles are the material wealth, or coins. The castle is the home of a wealthy and traditional family. It is built to withstand centuries. The golden water is the happy abundant emotions and wealth. The tree is fertility and plenty. The Two swans are lovers. Swans are one of the very few creatures in the animal kingdom that mate for life. They symbolize beauty, loyalty, transformation (from the ugly duckling) and everlasting love. The sky is partly cloudy, because family life is not always unblemished as clear blue skies, but has cloudy dark days as well.

When drawing the Ten of Pentacles in a reading, it symbolizes everything positive in the suit of Pentacles. Wealth, material abundance, abundant gardens, family happiness, happy home, traditional marriage, loyalty, love, your wishes will come true.

Card Media

On computer using Jasc Paint Shop Pro Version 6, using cut & paste collage. 220 x 350 pixels.

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