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The Hermit
by harleen

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I was assigned The Hermit but have wanted to create my own deck for some time now. I don't normally think about The Hermit or receive it in my readings often...I thought a bit about its meaning, both perceived and different interpretations. I was able to get creative, as I had no real preconceived notions about the card.

When I see The Hermit in most decks, I think of someone on a journey, or someone searching within. As most decks use an older lends also to wisdom and knowledge to me.

To be honest, I enjoy nontraditional designs for my decks.I was never really a big fan of Rider-Waite or its clones. I saw this photograph as representing certain core elements of The Hermit's meaning (introspection, knowledge, meditation, a spiritual journey along a path towards one's goals) but interpreted in a non-standard way (the bird, the beach, the sunrise). I wanted to get the meaning across in a way that would reflect the introspective aspects of the card just by glancing at it.

This card is an original photograph I took on the beach at sunrise, on 1 January 2002. I liked the bird in flight, how striking he looked against the early morning sky.... looking at it in context of the card, I see him as being on a journey himself. The dawn reflects the dawning and quest for knowledge, and the deserted beach lends itself to the feelings of meditation and introspection.

Card Meaning

Knowledge, a spiritual journey towards a goal, meditation, introspection, reflection.

Reversed: similar, but at the beginning stages, perhaps blocked or delayed; a situation that calls for an extroverted approach.

I see this card as a call to look at things from an introspective approach, to perhaps step back and meditate on the situation at hand. As for reversed, I see it as (depending on the other cards appearing in the reading) that the situation is just beginning, or that an extroverted may work best.

Card Media

An original colour photograph taken using a manual SLR camera, no flash, 200 speed film at sunrise, standard horizontal 35MM print, scanned and resized to fit into the card's dimensions before adding text (colours are as in the original negative).

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