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King of Cups
by Pollux

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

When I came to the Aeclectic Tarot Project I felt lucky because the King of Cups was akin to my spirit in that period of my life- an affectionate embrace, the feeling of benevolence and availability along with tolerance and patience.

This card makes me think of Gandhi, a charismatic leader, a determined and solid diplomat, a patient and tolerant fighter. To me this card conveys an outward overwhelming power (The King) coming from within (the Water)- a tide of goodness and caring that embraces everything and can't be stopped. It represents the Female principle of caring, sympathy and understanding dwelling within Man.

The King is a naked man (meaning simplicity and self-awareness) that walks in shallow waters, in harmony with his surroundings. The small waves and the colours of waters (it looks like the waves come directly towards him) are the way I wanted to stress the receptive, somewhat passive values of this card, the "available" and caring nature of this man. I tried to make the scene dreamy and a bit surreal, by adding bubbles and changing their shades of colour. I think that the effect is positive, as a sense of calm and peacefulness comes through.

The only symbols are a Crown and a cup with a fish inside. Actually, while creating this card I found it felt aligned to both Cancer and Pisces. So I p to add the latter as more representative of altruism and dreaminess, and included the Cancer-rising aspect in the idea of walking in shallow (or upon) Waters.

Card Meaning

In the Rider-Waite deck the King of Cups seems to be an adult man, or at least this is suggested. I prefer to dismiss the idea of "adulthood" going hand in hand with "emotional maturity"; my King might just as well represent a male (boy/adult/elder/whatever) with strong feelings for others and a mature and developed emotional side. I consider the King of Cups someone (not necessarily a male) who is giving, behaves protectively... a friend, a companion, a journey-mate met on the track of life, rather than a guide showing us the path.

I did not pay attention to the ‘reversals aspect’ while designing, as I believe these belong to personal views and interpretations. In reversal it may represent someone who tends to be Hedonistic- behaving irrationally and not taking into account the consequences, daydreaming instead of being practical and concrete. Someone who wants too much respect, even though most of what he demands is not deserved or unjustly required. A possessive, static and boring lover, expecting to be the absolute and the everything for the partner; a hypocrite.

Card Media

A collage of two pictures inserted in a watery environment by scanner, computer, and PaintShop Pro ® software.

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