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Knight of Swords
by Strange2

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

The Knight of Swords (or Prince of Swords, as it is called in some decks) had frequently come up when performing a reading of the cards for my self. This card is trying to show me something, so what better way to find this out than to draw the card myself?

A determined Knight stands in the clouds, his sword held firmly and resolutely in front of him, crackling with creative energy. In his left hand a scythe sweeps a deadly path, cutting through all opposition. With the sword the Knight introduces new ideas, and with the scythe he clears the path so that these ideas can take form. To the right and left appear strange formations, growing and evolving through the Knight’s creative force.

On the hilt of the Knight’s sword and on his boots appears the alchemical symbol for Air (upward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line running through it). The Winged helmet of the Knight and the base of clouds also show the Knight’s affinity with Air. The Knights are traditionally assigned to the element of Air, and so is the suit of Swords. The element of Air is attributed to Thought/ Mind/ Ideas. The Knight of Swords, an ‘Airy being’ in the realm of Air/Thought is thus driven by the pure strength of thought.

Card Meaning

Generator of Ideas. Putting ideas into action. Having conviction in your beliefs and ideas, regardless of the opposition. Be prepared to defend what you stand for. Full speed ahead.

Reversed: “Air Head” - acting without thinking. Building a structure or taking a stance without a strong foundation.

Card Media

Prismacolor® colored pencils on white paper. Original dimensions: 7 x 11-3/16 inches.

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