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Knight of Wands
by catlin

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I choose symbols of different cultural backgrounds to make it a deck for multicultural-interested people and to express my idea that there was once a common cultural background of all people which only survived in archetypal symbols.

The Knight of Wands is depicted as the Indian Sun god Vishnu, brandishing a club in one of his four arms. (Four in numerology is the symbol of the 4 seasons, the 4 suit symbols of Tarot and 4 is the number of the ruler = the Emperor in traditional Tarot decks.) The blue body colour of Vishnu can be seen as the symbol of the spirit, as a symbol of creative power whereas his golden tunic symbolizes the sun power within.

The picture of Vishnu is mounted on a rearing metal horse to make a kind of centaur of the two to symbolize the spirit's domination (Vishnu) over instincts (horse). For those interested in Greek mythology the centaurs were chiefly known as wild, uncontrolled creatures part human, part horse. The only exception was Chiron who was a healer and teacher of famous Greek heroes. In the background of the card are 2 pyramids, the one on the left is a Mayan one, the smaller one on the right is an Egyptian one with a tiny eye (also representing God/supernatural power). Above the Mayan pyramid, there is a Sun (to represent the idea of fire, as Wands are traditionally associated with the element of fire). Below, there is a tiny village in a sunburnt, desert-like countryside with partly shattered houses and a crack running through the left part of the land. The upper border is decorated with 2 Egyptian Uräus snakes, also a symbol of power, spirit and sometimes associated with the Egyptian Sun god Ra. The name of the card is given in golden letters on the border below.

Card Meaning

The houses and the crack remind you of a too great emphasis on spiritual matters or an unreflected action (Wands = also a sign of activity) may cause damage which is hard to mend. The card is bordered by two black borders on top and bottom of the card (the number 2 associated with the High Priestess) to symbolize the Tarot as a means of introspection.

Card Media

Card is composed in collage technique (pictures taken out of esoteric magazines) and pasted on cardboard.

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