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Contributor Biographies

aeonx (Six of Swords) is a 21 year-old Multimedia shop assistant in Norway.

ArizonaGirl (Ten of Cups, King of Pentacles, Ace of Wands)) is a transplanted southern belle. She was a banking executive for 17 years, finally relinquishing the concept that success is measured by the size of one's paycheck. A former big city dweller, she flourishes in her remote and rural setting, enjoying her horses, chickens, dogs, and cats. She has been married for 33 years to a kind and patient man, who shares her dreams. Having had a psychic mother, ArizonaGirl has always been open to ideas not readily accepted by some. She uses the tarot as a personal guide. She is a Solitary Wiccan celebrating the Milky Way in a cloudless night sky, the only sounds an occasional coyote and the soft nickering of her horses.
bec ( Tower) has had interest for Tarot since the late 80īs and now does readings for just about anyone and anything. She is a homemaker studying reflexology with the intention of self-employment in the future. In between Housework, Homework, Family and Tarot she sips gallons of coffee while reflecting on how great it is to be alive.

Blue (Emperor, Four of Cups, Six of Wands) was born on the west bank of one of the world's great rivers. He has been involved with Tarot and its art, first in the form of divination and later through a study of its psychological aspects and as a process of self-discovery for over thirty years. His interest in eastern thought and esoteric philosophy go back to his boyhood when his grandmother explained the meanings of the lines on his hands to him. Blue is an ordained minister and a Reiki Master / Teacher who has also practiced Reflexology since his childhood. He has worked as a tradesman, artist, musician, songwriter, photographer and humorist. In the last few years he has been dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the nineteenth century and embraced computer technology as a new creative outlet and has leaped headlong into graphic art and web design.

catlin (Knight of Wands)is a 31-year-old who practices Wicca and is a passionate tarot reader/collector (about 45 decks) living in the South of Germany. She shares her household with 4 furry familiars. Tarot has entered her life at the age of 13 starting with a handmade cutout deck of 22 Major Arcana. She then turned to the Tarot of Marseilles deck, passed on to the Rider Waite and Crowley decks. After using the RW deck for about 10 years she discovered on a mild summer morning the amazing world and lo! There she caught the trading and collecting bug, met wonderful people and decided to step into the world of creating your own tarot deck. Each morning catlin sends a special prayer to the mighty powers of the universe that they will keep her computer in good health to be able to join again the www tarot world.

CJ (Three of Cups) is a full time mother of 2 beautiful girls, a Girl Scout leader, and a substitute teacher. She has been studying Tarot for about 2 years. Her studies have led her to spiritual growth and new business venture as the proud owner of an online store. In her sparse spare time she also enjoys making rag dolls, cloth rabbits and baby quilts.

.dc [AKA Innowen] (Temperance, Nine of Cups) is a wild child. Always dreaming, writing, designing and dancing to the beat of unusually dark music. She primarily uses the Tarot as a tool for self-discovery. She is actively involved in Tarot and pagan circles both online and her community. She loves Tarot imagery and is constantly amazed at the variety of interpretations each deck and person has. Innowen lives and plays in the Pacific Northwest where she draws inspiration from Nature. She shares her life with her purring companion, Joth; her hopeless addiction to the Internet and more recently with her best friend AcK!

Dolphingirl (Lovers, Three of Swords, Four of Wands, Page of Pentacles) is new to tarot. Although she received her first deck when she was 16 it took 14 years to decide to pursue her interest. Her other activities are painting, sculpting, drawing and collecting any and all dolphin items. Her plans for the future are to grow older and wiser. She currently shares her life with her two cats and her significant other.

Dragon (Three of Wands, Queen of Wands) lives in Edmonds, Washington USA, and is avidly learning all she can about Wicca, Tarot, and Dragons. When not at Taco Bell, you can find her, most of the time, out with her friends. When she's at home she converses with her three guardian dragons: Kip, the little Fire; Lucky, the little Air; and her big Chaos.

Elphaba (Page of Wands) currently lives on the West Coast, with her partner and beloved kitty. She works in the computer industry but manages to squeeze in time to work with the Tarot and occasionally draw something!

Epona (Knight of Cups) is a smart, learned 19-year-old who has been interested in Tarot since 1999. She has been an artist for most of her life, and creating the Knight of Cups (using a character created from a comic-based idea from a friend) was a fairly simple yet interesting task all on its own. Art has always played a key role in her life and will continue to be. Added to her hobby of drawing are writing, dancing, singing, and giving attention to her lovable pet cat Mario.

faunabay (The Sun, Seven of Cups) began with tarot cards a year and a half ago and they have intrigued her ever since. She now owns over 30 decks and her collection is ever growing. Faunabay works as a massage therapist at a health clinic in the Midwest [USA] and is one of those few people who love their job.

Harleen (Hermit) born in 1970, is an eclectic who counts photography, writing, music, art, web site design and tarot amongst her varied interests. She has been reading tarot off and on for over a decade, but has only been seriously reading since 2000. She currently resides in Florida, and has decided to design her own deck based on her photographs. Some of her work is featured at

Isthmus (card backs) is an artist who likes to frequent the unconscious world whenever she can. As a student she enjoys dreaming, learning, and art of all forms.

January (Seven of Pentacles, King of Swords) became interested in the Tarot in mid 2001 as a result of exploring psychology, astrology and the realm of the unconscious all during her on-going quest to find God. She has learned much about herself and became increasingly aware and fascinated by the multi-faceted aspects of people and situations through working with the cards. Outside of Tarot, January works as a free-lance graphic artist, dabbles in gourmet cooking and plans to become an Art Therapist.

Jeanette (Ace of Swords) is a homemaker/mom and also works part-time as a library assistant. She likes to try all types of crafts and needlework and any free time is spent sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, rubber stamping, decoupage, origami, cross-stitch, and whatever else comes along!

jmd (Chariot, Three of Coins) has been exposed to the Tarot since birth, but only began serious investigation of this and other esoteric arts and sciences since his early twenties. Since 1982, he has also held various ritualistic positions in a number of esoteric orders located in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to previously teaching philosophy at University, he has also taught Tarot, Astrology, and Kabbalah courses at various other adult educational institutions. jmd now teaches in a Steiner (Waldorf) high school and teacher-training institute.

Joya250 (Star) is a 25 year old Graphic Designer who lives in Philadelphia, PA. and has been studying the Tarot since April 2001.

Kayne (Hanged Man, King of Wands, Five of Swords) is a twenty-four year old Piscean living in Western Australia. Having been interested in various aspects of the occult since about age fourteen, he found there were many more options for answers than he could have imagined growing up in an Atheist family. These questions lead to an interest in Celtic Mythology and various forms of divination. Having bought John Mathew's Celtic Tarot to go with his collection of illustrated books, Kayne was hooked on Tarot from then on. He has always been interested in creating his own deck and has made many attempts to start (and sometimes nearly finish) various decks. [See Kayne's Celtic Tarot on] Kayne is a Primary School teacher and specializes in teaching Art and computer skills to children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Kiama (Empress, Ace of Pentacles) is 17 and currently studying Psychology, English, and Philosophy at A-level in the UK. She hopes to study for her philosophy PhD at Aberdeen University in the fall of 2002. Kiama has been studying and reading Tarot since she was nine, and also enjoys studying the occult sciences, comparative religion, getting into philosophical debate, writing poetry and fantasy fiction, long strolls by moonlight, and listening to loud, obnoxious music.

lalaurie (Two of Wands, Queen of Pentacles) is a student of many things, including the tarot and other life arts. She is currently in grad school pursuing certification in elementary education, in the hopes of one day being an enlightening teacher and wiser student.

Liliana (Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords) is 25 years old and live in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 daughters. Spiritually, she is an Eclectic Christian Wiccan . Liliana has been studying Tarot for 6 years now and is especially interested in the Christian symbolism in the cards. Other interests include video games and reading books on spirituality.

Major Tom (Justice, Knight of Pentacles) had his first encounter with tarot as a child of 8 when he discovered a deck in his grandparents' house and played with them. He then conceived the idea of creating his own deck. He did not study tarot until he was in his 20s and knows this study will continue the rest of his life. Major Tom lives in bliss in the English countryside with his girlfriend and the demon cat.

Malachite (Fool, Seven of Wands) is a student from Devon, (southwest) UK, studying English, History and Biology, with an eye to taking up Archaeology in University, starting late 2002. His interest in Tarot springs partly from a general interest in the spiritual side of Being, and partly from a fortuitous meeting with that member of Aeclectic known to posterity as Kiama, (Empress, Ace of Pentacles) in June 2001.
As a Norse Pagan, he feels more at home with the Runes as a divinatory tool, but is learning the symbolism of Tarot now that he actually owns a deck, namely the Hanson-Roberts, since it was the best one available in the shop at the time. He also likes playing guitar and mandolin.

MeeWah (Queen of Cups, Eight of Pentacles) Childhood experiences along with witnessing her parents' ritualistic Buddhist celebrations led MeeWah to a lifelong study of the occult & the metaphysical. (Also to the reading of countless books from fairytales to ancient history to cookbooks!) Numerology & cartomancy developed from an early fascination with playing cards & numbers, after realizing she could do readings. Eventually, she stumbled on Zolar's New Astrological Tarot Fortune Telling Deck, followed by the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. She sees Tarot as a spiritual journey first, a tool for divination second.
A transplanted New York native, she has been a resident of Virginia Beach, VA for over 2 decades. She has a regular job & does readings on the side. She enjoys the outdoors, gardening & being part of a blended family who is very supportive of her pursuits; also has the blessings of a patient & tolerant husband.

Melvis (Two of Swords, Five & Six of Pentacles) an Administrative Manager for a small chain of gift stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. (A lofty title that boils down to, "the only one in this tiny company who can work with the computers.") She is a used-bookstore fanatic whose interests outside of Tarot include genealogy, psychology, and Feng Shui.

Moonklad (Death) is a thirty- three year old Witch from rural South Carolina. She lives in a comfortable home surrounded by sweet smelling pines with her seven dogs, eight cats and one very understanding husband. By day she works as a registered nurse in a cardiovascular intensive care unit. When nighttime comes nothing relaxes her more than sipping a glass of sweet muscadine wine while sitting outside gazing up at the moon and stars. She loves the night. It's even been rumored that she has been spotted dancing in the woods on nights of the full moon. Moon first began her study of tarot ten years ago when she was given a deck for her birthday. Several years passed before she took up serious study. She has a small collection of six decks. Her favorite deck is the Robin Wood Tarot and it is the one she most frequently uses for readings.

New River (World, Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles) lives in the Midwest US with her hubby and two cats living a simple, spiritual life honoring all living things. New River is a writer, poet, artist, and teacher, but her passions are writing and painting. She loves colors so much and senses that each one vibrates with it's own energy. During the summer months she paints in a co-op studio with many other artists from all over the country who get together every October and have a big art show for the community. As a writer she writes articles for an online magazine and for the local paper. She has had many poems published but have yet to gather them into an anthology- a future goal. The Tarot is her individual interest. It has been an invaluable teaching tool for her life's journey and has led her to many fine people with similar interests. She looks forward to many more years of learning.
New River teaches mental health and does grief counseling on a volunteer basis. She finds all of the Arts are valuable sources for healing.

Nexy Jo (Judgement) is a 45 year-old transgendered woman, living in Northern New Jersey. She is Wiccan, and works in the consumer electronics technical support field. She is divorced, and has one son. She doesn't really consider herself an artist, but will sometimes come out with "art" of varying forms. In the past she has made wall hangings, mostly of wood, magickal wands, furniture, computer generated graphics, jewelry, mostly of stainless steel wire, and various small wooden objects, usually of a spiritual theme. Her interest in Tarot is a recent one, having found the tarot sometime during the latter part of the last millennium. She collects decks, but rarely performs readings. For the most part, she uses the Tarot for self-discovery, meditation, and for the sheer enjoyment of the artwork.

Pollux (King of Cups) was born in Naples on 6/6/1983 and is a university student (Medicine and Surgery, 1st class); shortly thereafter he turned vegetarian (YEAH!). In his free time he loves going to the cinema, reading (literature classics, fiction, contemporary, fantasy, COMICS!!!) but also getting out, confronting the world, 'trying' to study astrology and Celtic mythology, music and all. In the future he hopes to find a true guide, guru, or some supportive teacher, who can impart deep knowledge and real evolution (especially with regards to the esoteric).

purplelady (Five of Cups, Ten of Pentacles) is 39 years old and lives with her boyfriend in the Rocky Mountain region, and is the mother of 2 boys. When not tending to them, she also has a hyper cat and a bunch of fish! She is currently interested in herb gardening, all things metaphysical, reading, tarot, beading, sewing, keeping journals, poetry, swimming, astronomy, astrology, psychology, ancient Atlantis, Wicca, music, and computers!

Raeanne (Seven of Swords, Two of Cups) is a 50 year old, non-artistic female. She first became interested in the Tarot during her early teen years but did not feel comfortable with reading the cards for many years. An 18-week course in intuition introduced her to Runes. She felt very strongly connected to the Runes. It was through working with the Runes that the door of understanding the Tarot was finally opened. Raeanne is the mother of two sons, both now grown. She divorced when her children were young and she has remained happily single ever since.

Rosicrux (Page of Swords, Eight of Cups) A Gemini if ever there was one, May-born Virginia-native Rosicrux counts among his interests Religion and Philosophy, Psychology, History and Art. He has a special fondness for the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites, as well as others of the Victorian period. He is frequently entranced by aspects of Chinese culture and philosophy, and is doing his best to learn Mandarin Chinese, in hopes of travelling to the Mainland at some point in the future. He is an avid reader of Robert van Gulick's Judge Dee murder mysteries, set in the T'ang dynasty period. Rosicrux is also a passionate lover of supernatural fiction, especially the ghost stories of the 19th and early 20th century. A graphic designer, part-time barista [Editor-one who deals in brewed coffee products] and occasional journalist, he resides near Raleigh, North Carolina, the state he has called home for some 33 years.

Solandia (Magician) is 23 and lives in Brisbane, Australia. She is the webmaster of Aeclectic Tarot and has been a tarot fanatic for about five years. She spends much of her time testing out new tarot decks and on the computer looking after (and adding to) Aeclectic Tarot's many areas. She has many interests, tarot being the one that grew from a small hobby to near full-time job.

Strange2 (Wheel, Knight of Swords) was first exposed to the mystical path as a young lad, through the magic of comic books, and in particular, through the strange tales of Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. He obtained his first Tarot deck in the late 1970's (Rider-Waite), and then graduated to the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck, among other (45) decks. A lifelong exploration of the mystical and creative arts ensued. He resides in Illinois (USA) with his wife, 2 sons and 1 stepson, and a house full of books, comic books, and computers. Strange2 enjoys camping, ambient and jazz music, and home brewing. If he had a former life, he's fairly certain that he was a dog (just throw him a Frisbee and watch him go!).

Talisman (Ten Wands) blesses the day he wandered into Aeclectic Tarot. His very first reading, shortly after the acquisition of his first Tarot deck, was about 20 years ago. He is neither a reader nor a readee. He prefers extremes: remote wilderness or city-center. His profession follows him whatever he goes and gives him an excuse to study many things, so he is considered an expert by many leading authorities.

Tarotbear (editor) has been involved with Tarot for twelve years. He teaches beginner Tarot classes and is currently working on two books and a stage script. Having been an award-winning quilter (two in private collections), a freelance author of sewing articles, and a professional theatre costume designer, he says there is nothing in his life that would ever have prepared him for his consuming interest in Tarot. In Major Tom's private Tarot deck, he appears on the Temperance, Five & Eight of Cups cards.

tempestfire (Two of Pentacles) is 33 and lives somewhere in the Midwest, USA.
Tempestfire has had a love for art and spirituality all her life; working on this project allowed her the opportunity to combine the two. Although her main media of preference is clay - creating various forms of pottery, she has also had extensive study in oil painting and watercolor.

Truthsayer (High Priestess, Hierophant, Ten of Swords) discovered Tarot when she was 13 years old from her ninth grade English teacher. Before she enjoyed a wide variety of divination methods like numerology and astrology but Tarot has held her interest captive for the past 27 years. She learned on the Hoi Polloi deck she ordered from JC Penney for $13. She only used that one, the Rider-Waite-Smith, and the Thoth deck for the next 25 years. Since she has discovered Tarot web sites, her collection has grown to over 30. Her current favorite reading deck is the Hanson-Roberts. Her favorite decks include the Rohrig, Vertigo, and Nigel Jackson. Her passion is studying archetypes, mythology, psychology, and personal/spiritual growth particularly as it relates to the tarot. A life time learner, she is currently a first year nursing student. Medical science and alternative medicine is another passionate interest. She is married and has 3 purrbabies and 1 crazy dog. She enjoys working in her rose garden, reading, drawing, creative writing, collecting, and watching the Sci-Fi Channel.

wigwag (Page of Cups) is a 42-year-old from England with a husband and teenage grown up daughter. She only learned to read Tarot in 2001 although she has read playing cards since childhood and her mother is a professional clairvoyant. Wigwag loves music and watercolour (usually does landscapes; feels she doesn't paint people well) which she started to do only 2 years ago. Enjoys playing guitar, likes her computer and hates it when trees and plants are cut down and built over (that really upsets her); works in a bank as a Credit counselor full time and never seems to get things done. Wigwag also created a watercolour version of this PC generated card.

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