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Queen of Pentacles
by Lalaurie

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I was drawn to this card because it feels like the most active role at work in my life at present. I see the Pentacles as representing the element of earth, which to me speaks of the basic physical needs of life. The importance of this element in every day life varies for people, from just a passing attention to food and other physical needs and comforts, to the person who has made the basics into an art form. I'm thinking of people who live smartly and efficiently off of the land, knowing how to make things grow, what is best to eat, how best to prepare it, etc. Earth-attuned people have a very practical element to their art, including tactile fabric arts (clothes, rugs) and functional pottery. I wanted to keep the symbolism for this card simple, since the elements manifest differently in different lives. To represent the practical and tactile side of the Pentacle suit, I used the image of a hand (specifically a palmistry diagram) surrounded by an earthy scene of massive trees. The hand also corresponds to the five points of the pentagram, which in turn can represent the five senses - another reference to the physical world.

Card Meaning

I would interpret this card as a reminder of the importance of fostering the basic home and comfort arts, along with practicality. Since this is the Queen and not (the Princess) or Page, this card speaks to the need for mastery in this area, as opposed to mere dabbling or fascination.

Card Media

This card is made of magazine image collage.

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