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The Tower
by bec

Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

The Tower has always fascinated me. Though I did not choose it - it was assigned to me - I could not have gotten a better card. The Tower usually means that something is torn apart or illusions are crashing - the tumbling tower with only ruins left when done. I see it more as an opportunity card or a solution card to get things/situations cleared up, so the path is once again there to see.

When I see the Tower I feel like it is time for cleansing mind and priorities. I have followed the Waite card very much all the way. I have tried to make the roof crown with 3 rubies - body, mind and spirit to indicate that this card covers them all. In addition I have a made a path leading away from the tower giving a way out of chaos once dealt with. The fog surrounding the tower is to describe that you will need to know what is underneath before moving on.

Card Meaning

This card represents the experience of a situation falling apart. There is an imbalance in body, mind and spirit. There may be some illusions about what the Tower is built on and when it crashes what lies underneath. There is a way out, but to find it, you have to let the chaos into your life and deal with it, discover the hidden foundation and then move on.

In reverse: this is about letting everything get out of hand, walking deliberately into chaos, creating chaos, indulging yourself in pettiness, or feeling sorry for yourself because everything just wont work the way you intended it to.

Card Media

Original 220 x 350 pixels JPEG. By computer program Jasc Paint Shop.

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