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The Star
by joya250

Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

A barrier has fallen away and an angel emerges.

The naked woman reflects the state of the soul in its purity and beauty. She stands within a circle, a sphere, as a symbol for spirit and wholeness. Above her is a 10-pointed star. The 10 points represent the 10 Sephiroth, the spheres on the Tree of Life in Qabala. The placement of the star above her crown chakra also represents her connection with the Divine, and her ability to illuminate herself and her environment. She stands atop water, showing her connection to the subconscious and to the astrological sign Aquarius (The Water Bearer.) The glyph for Aquarius is to her left, and the Hebrew letter "Tzaddi" (meaning "fishhook," the implement that draws the "fish," [Non] out of the "water" [Mem]) is to her right. The upward-pointing triangle shape emphasized by the thin lines of light descending from the star represents matter striving for ascension into spirit.

Card Meaning

Blessings, warmth and gentle encouragement, the re-emergence and sustainment of the soul's light after a time of trial and darkness, peace, and healing.

If reversed - not being aware of your blessings.

Card Media

Computer generated

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