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Second Aeclectic Community Tarot

The second project to create an Aeclectic Community Tarot deck is now complete! All cards have been completed by Aeclectic Tarot Forum subscribers.

Special thanks go to:

  • Major Tom for editing the text
  • Kayne for helping with organisation
  • Melvis for scanning and polishing the images

And, a big thank you to everyone who took part!

The Cards

Fool amyel
Magician Rhiannon
High Priestess allibee
Empress Silverlotus
Emperor allibee
Lovers allibee
Chariot Major Tom
Strength Laurel
Wheel of Fortune Lala
Justice Pollux
Hanged Man Kiama
Death Aerin
Temperance Mari Hoshizaki
Devil kayne
Tower jmd
Star Melvis
Moon lunalafey
Sun Balder
Judgement blue_fusion20
World Astra
Ace of Cups Kazz
Two of Cups firemaiden
Three of Cups firemaiden
Four of Cups Trogon
Five of Cups tarotlady
Six of Cups lawguy51
Seven of Cups Aerin
Eight of Cups Ruby Red Slippers
Nine of Cups Mari_Hoshizaki
Ten of Cups Violet Gargoyle
Page of Cups Aerin
Knight of Cups Aerin
Queen of Cups Jewel
King of Cups Gerbear
Ace of Swords Gerbear
Two of Swords bec
Three of Swords Sorceress_Jade
Four of Swords littlewing
Five of Swords lawguy51
Six of Swords kyrielle
Seven of Swords Trogon
Eight of Swords lunalafey
Nine of Swords Gerbear
Ten of Swords Violet Gargoyle
Page of Swords Mari_Hoshizaki
Knight of Swords jmd
Queen of Swords jmd
King of Swords Gerbear
Ace of Wands Violet Gargoyle
Two of Wands Major Tom
Three of Wands Major Tom
Four of Wands starsongs
Five of Wands HOLMES
Six of Wands firemaiden
Seven of Wands HOLMES
Eight of Wands Chronata
Nine of Wands lawguy51
Ten of Wands jmd
Page of Wands firemaiden
Knight of Wands Rhiannon
Queen of Wands Chronata
King of Wands retrokat
Ace of Pentacles Alissa
Two of Pentacles Strange2
Three of Pentacles Mari_Hoshizaki
Four of Pentacles Rhiannon
Five of Pentacles MeeWah
Six of Pentacles Gerbear
Seven of Pentacles Sulis
Eight of Pentacles mrsjvan
Nine of Pentacles lunalafey
Ten of Pentacles Alissa
Page of Pentacles TemperanceAngel
Knight of Pentacles Astra
Queen of Pentacles Woof
King of Pentacles Astra

Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free tarot reading with this deck.

Ace of Pentacles

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