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Ace of Cups
by Kazz

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Ace of Cups…one single gold cup, which is surrounded by the ocean (element –Water). In the centre of the cup is a heart (representing love). Above the cup, is a rainbow (representing emotions). The sun is above with rays of sunlight beaming down.


The symbol I used that differs from the traditional Rider Waite deck, is the heart, which I used because this represents the raw beginning of love. The rainbow represents the emotions, the stirring of feelings. I wanted to keep the card (ace of cups) as simple but direct as possible, clear representation of what the card means, without too many symbols.

Card Meaning

Traditionally, this card means a new beginning in love, happiness and all things of joy and excitement. My card is quite similar. It means a new love, it can be a new relationship or a new start to an old one, a new home or car, something that means great joy for you, pregnancy or the new birth of a baby, a wedding and even a gift that is from the heart. This card to me speaks of all the things that make you feel that wonderful feeling you feel deep in you stomach, the stirring of all you emotions and all the excitement of new happiness. Reversed: Unhappiness, tears, things have taken a turn for the worse, a great upheaval of emotions, a very upsetting situation like getting your heart broken.

Artistic Media

I used a lead pencil to sketch the outline of the design, and then I coloured it with coloured markers. The original size 7.75cm x 12.75cm.

Artist's Bio

I am 34 years old and married with two beautiful daughters. I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney (Australia) and later lived in the country for many years. I now reside in the mid north coastal town of Port Macquarie. Apart my interest in the Tarot, I love to read and go to the movies, and living in a town surrounded by beaches, I love to swim in the summer months. Baseball is a huge part of our lives as my husband is baseball coach and I score for the local club and some carnivals. I am no longer working full time as I stay at home to care for my daughters, although I will return some time in the future.

I cannot live without music or animals, I love to hear all sorts of music, whether it is walking with my Discman or at home I have to play my favorite tunes. I love animals and would own a zoo if I could.

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