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by Rhiannon

Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Our Magician stands in a field near a small stream, the wind is blowing and birds fly overhead. There are mountains and trees nearby. He lights a fire. He draws power from the warmth of the fire, the breeze, the rushing stream and the earth under his feet. His cloak is made of fur and feathers, showing that he can change his form if he so desires.


I used the 2 runes Ansuz and Kenaz on his hands. Ansuz shows his ability to affect others and communicate with the gods; Kenaz shows his ability to shape things and make them into something new, and the ability to shape others and their emotions as well. There is a lemniscate on the band around his forehead, representing eternity. His cloak represents the "trickster" side of the Magician, the ability to change shape. This idea is appropriated from the Norse god Loki, who often borrowed the goddess Freya's feathered cloak so that he could change his shape and fly around and go sneaking. I did not use the traditional Wand, Sword, Cup and Pentacle because I wanted the elements to be represented in their natural state.

Card Meaning

To me, this card means that we can take what is already around us and use it to our benefit, and to the benefit of others. We don't need any fancy tools to make magic happen, it's all around us all the time. We just have to figure out how we can tap into it. We are all capable of making magic, and we are all capable of being devious at times. We can choose to be straightforward in our dealings or we can choose to deceive others. Either way, the power is our own and we will hopefully learn to use it wisely.

Artistic Media

Colored pencils and Macromedia Fireworks.

Artist's Bio

Rhiannon works at a non-profit organization that supports and empowers people with disabilities. She has 3 children (2 boys and a girl) and a cat, Mabon. She has a fairly wonderful husband who supports her in her spiritual and not so spiritual efforts. She has been studying tarot off and on for 12 years. She is also interested in runes, oracles and numerology. She lives in Virginia near Washington DC and she hates traffic.

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