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Ace of Swords
by Gerbear

Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A brilliant sunrise awaits over the horizon. High clouds float in the sky. A land form seems to clutch a sword of bronze. A body of water is in the foreground, just beginning to reflect the first rays of dawn.


Air is a primal element, without which there could be no fire and no water. The very process of fire, oxidation, displays the rapid joining of a component of air with another substance. Water is a combination of two components of air. The vast majority of the universe consists of Hydrogen, a component of air. Fittingly, air represents the intellect, the main component of the mind and the primal driving force of life. At daybreak, a new cycle begins, bringing a chance to see things in a new way. Creativity, perspective, and consciousness are seen in a new light. This is a time of introspection, a re-examination of one's self, and the opportunity for originality. The sword depicted gives the illusion of being round, but it is an illusion, for we know that swords are flat. Illusion is a process of the intellect, one where we can drift from reality if it is not controlled. All potential is present at the dawn of our consciousness, and if we seize the day and avoid illusion, we can complete this step of our journey and proceed on our path.

Artistic Media

This is an original design done entirely with Corel Photo-Paint 7.

Artist's Bio

I am still working on my tarot deck. The majors are almost complete, and work on the minors has begun. I plan to self publish it,. The cards done for this and other projects are not indicative of the final work. I am also a collector of Tarot decks, having more than 300 at present.

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