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Ace of Wands
by Violet Gargoyle

Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Vitality is the main theme here. The lighthouse radiates warmth and direction though the night sky and illuminating the violet ocean- breaking through the mental fogs that dim your creative flow and helping you find your way. The hand from the cloud is about to grasp onto this light and energy and make it useful. The energy being harnessed can range from artistic to sexual, but the idea is to take control, grab the bull by the horns, and make a desire of yours happen into fruition.


This particular "wand" is a big departure from the traditional wooden staff. This, friends and neighbors, is one big wand, but it is still one that still relies on using fire, and makes a point of learning to control it in order to convert its energy into light. Being the case, I wanted to concentrate on the warmth and energy through the light radiating from the lighthouse rather than focusing upon the building itself.

I also wanted to make sure that the "The Big Picture", meaning the ocean and sky and all those things that make use of this light, is still visible to the viewer. Lighthouses do work from reflections, harnessing your energy towards a goal can have a positive effect on others as well.

Artistic Media

The Lighthouse came from Copyright free clip art. The hand is mine, via scanner (You can tell- I bite my nails). Everything else is me going wild with all the neat things that I can get my computer to do on a good day.

Artist's Bio

VG is a Folklorist who is fascinated by Tarot interpretation. She hopes to next take on the project of working on a Yule Theme Tarot, laden with folklore references from many cultures.

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